REF Parameter in ManyChat

Based on the REF value, you can arrange the chatbot to start the chat from a specific thread ( Message )

REF parameters are a powerful marketing tool, which allows you to create multiple entry points to your bot and more.

Ref parameter can be used for many purposes, such as tracking different links placed in different channels or tying a Messenger user to a session or account in an external app.

 You can even use it to direct the user to specific content or features available within the bot.

Setup Direct Link with Ref Parameter:

Messenger Ref URL‘ is an easy way to forward users to your page Messenger without any problem.

To create new ‘Messenger Ref URL’

Growth Tools –> Click on “New Growth Tool”

From the Growth Tools, Select “Messenger Ref URL

Edit the Opt-in Message in ‘Opt-In Actions‘ tab

Save the changes and “Publish”.

Now fill ‘Custom Ref Parameter‘ field in ‘Setup‘ tab and Save changes

You can copy ‘ Messenger Ref URL’ by clicking on Copy URL to Clipboard option.

Bot Cloning in ManyChat

Clone is the easy way to link accounts to your bot’s.

Duplicates the chatbot and assign the same features to another page.

Cloning is the way to transfer your content to another page, the data can be accessed by both the chatbots.

Bot Cloning

Settings -> Clone to Another Bot

Click “Clone This Bot”

Bot Cloning in ManyChat

Select the another page to clone the bot and click on “Clone” 

While Cloning all the features can be cloned except the growth tools.

Bot Cloning in ManyChat

Now, it’s all set for cloning the bot to another page.

Click “Clone Now”

Bot Cloning in ManyChat

Your bot is cloned successfully to another page. Can view the cloned bot by clicking on “Go To This Bot”

Bot Cloning in ManyChat

How to use Keywords in ManyChat Chatbot

Keywords allow to automate conversations into your bot and keep in touch with your Subscribers.

Based on the keywords, AI helps your bot to reply to the messages sent by the users.

Create Keywords

Automation -> Keywords

How to use Keywords in ManyChat Chatbot

Create a “New Rule

There are 3 rules to set up a keyword, Select the rule and enter the text.

Click on “Create Keyword

Add an Automatic Reply to a Keyword

There are 2 ways to generate a reply to a keyword.

You can create an automated message to a certain Keyword -> “Create New Reply”

Or Click “Select Existing” to choose the message from the flow.

Can also assign multiple Keywords to one Rule, By separating keywords with commas.

You can also attach additional actions to the Keyword, by clicking on “+Action

How to use Keywords in ManyChat Chatbot
How to use Keywords in ManyChat Chatbot

How to Change the Welcome Message in ManyChat Chatbot

Welcome Message is always shown to all new users after clicking on “Get Started” or when they send their first message.

Messages from this block are sent to the users when they first start to chat with your bot.

Dashboard -> Automation -> Welcome Message

To change the text of the Welcome Message.

Click on “Edit Message“.

How to Change the Wecome Message in ManyChat Chatbot

Enter the text of the welcome message.

Click on “Publish

How to Change the Wecome Message in ManyChat Chatbot

Next click on “Preview” button to see your Welcome Message on your mobile device.

How to Change the Wecome Message in ManyChat Chatbot

Upgrade to Pro:

PRO Plan starts at the monthly price of $15 per bot/page, which includes up to 1000 subscribers.

PRO accounts will be charged based on the active subscribers.

ManyChat branding will be displayed in your chatbot only on growth tools.

Free Plan:

ManyChat provides a free basic plan to access all the limited features, but the ManyChat branding will be displayed in your chatbot on growth tools, main menu , and welcome message.

How to Create Template for ManyChat

In order to connect your template to another bot, you can Create your own Template for reuse.

Dashboard -> Templates.

Click on “New Template”

To create a New Template.

Click on “Use Page

Select the Template Content elements based on your Facebook Page.

Now proceed to the Next Step.

Enter the Template Name and click on “Create the Template“.

A new Template is created successfully.

Click on the link for Template Installation.

Steps under Template Installation Process:

Review the Template Contents.

Click on “Install“.

Choose a page to install the templates.

Click on ” Install“.

Finalize where the elements to be installed.

Click on “Install Now“.

“Hello World” template has been installed.

Now click on “Go To My Page”.

You will be directed to your page.

How a Messenger Ref URL works for ManyChat

Messenger Ref URL‘ is a way to forward users to your page Messenger without any problem.

Insert a generated URL in any place most visible, like your email newsletter.

Create a New Messenger Ref URL

Dashboard -> Growth Tools -> New Growth Tool

Choose the Widget Type -> Messenger Ref URL

Opt-In Actions -> Opt-In-Message -> Edit

Edit the changes and ”Publish“. 

Setup -> Custom Ref Paramater

Enter the parameter and click on “Save

Now copy Your Messenger Ref URL by clicking on “Copy URL to Clipboard”

Now your users will receive Opt-In Message every time they click on the link.


Sequences using ManyChat

Sequences allow you to subscribe users from your Audience to the chain of messages that can be separated by delays of different length.

Creating a Sequence

Dashboard -> Automation -> Sequences

Add “New Sequence

Sequences using MantChat

Enter the name to create a New Sequence.

Click on “Create

Sequences using MantChat

A New Sequence is been created.

To change the sequence name, click on the previously added sequence name.

The options below Schedule is the delay between the messages.

Click on Message to create a new reply or select existing.

Sequences using MantChat

Check on the options, for which the schedule action takes place.

Sequences using MantChat

A user can receive the same Sequence only once, in order to receive the Sequence again from the start, they need to Unsubscribe from Sequence and then Subscribe to it again.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe Users to/from a Sequence

There are two ways:

  • By assigning “Subscribe to Sequence” / “Unsubscribe from Sequence” action to a button.
Sequences using MantChat

 Or by Using Keyword, 
         Dashboard -> Keyword -> Action

Sequences using MantChat
Sequences using MantChat
  • Second Method: In “Audience” -> Bulk Actions
Sequences using MantChat

Live Chat for ManyChat

Live Chat for ManyChat allows your users to start the conversation with your page admin using your Facebook bot.

When the user wants to start the chat session with the human team, this block acts as an interface between the bot manager and the user.

Live Chat Settings

Settings -> Live Chat

Live Chat Behavior: To manage the behavior of Live Chat, it provides two options.

-> Any Message starts a conversation : Live Chat will be started when the user’s incoming message doesn’t match with the keywords

-> Conversation should be opened explicitly: Live Chat can be started by an admin or by a special Action you can attach to any button.

Close all opened conversations: Allows you to mark all opened conversations as Done.

Sound Notifications: Enable or disable in-app sound alerts.

Broadcast for ManyChat

Broadcast Block helps your bot to send messages now or schedule them for later.

Broadcast functionality allows you to reach out of your audience.

By using Broadcast block, you can message to your users by sending them broadcasts within 24 hours of their last interaction with your Bot

How To Create a Broadcast

Dashboard -> Broadcasting ->  Broadcast -> New Broadcast 

Broadcast for ManyChat

You will be directed to Broadcast page.

Enter the text in the post.

Broadcast for ManyChat

Now go the settings page,

In the settings page they are five different blocks to send a message.

  • Message Type
  • Targeting
  • Schedule Broadcast
  • Timezone Settings
  • Notification Settings

Message Type:

ManyChat has been categorised into three types for sending the broadcast

-> Subscription Broadcast

-> Promotional Broadcast

-> Follow-Up Broadcast

-> Subscription Broadcast: Allows to send non-commercial content or messages to your subscribers at any time without containing any promotional matters.

-> Promotional Broadcast: Allows to send commercial messages to the subscribers that are active in the past 24 hours.

-> Follow-Up Broadcast: Sends a notification to the active subscribers in the last 24 hours to remind about the promotional broadcast.


Targeting can be done in different ways by adding the conditions like Tags, Gender, First Name, Local, Language etc.

Schedule Broadcast:

-> Start sending now: For sending the messages now to the bot users, then select “Start sending now” option.

-> Schedule for later:For sending the messages later to the bot users, you can schedule time and date by selecting “Schedule for later” option.

Timezone Settings:

-> Send all at the same time: To send and deliver all the messages at the same time as soon as possible. 

-> Time Travel: Messages will be delivered according to the user’s timezone.

-> Limit sending time:Messages will be delivered when the user’s current timezone matches the desired delivery hours.

Broadcast for ManyChat

Notification settings:

-> Regular Push: Makes a sound and displays the notification.
Note: People will get irritated for such kind of notifications, so better use it for important messages.

-> Only 1 regular notification: Broadcast will trigger only 1 regular notification and rest of the messages will be delivered in silent mode.

-> Only 2 regular notification: Broadcast will trigger only 2 regular notification and rest of the messages will be delivered in silent mode.

-> Silent Push: Displays a phone notification without sound. Better to use it for regular messages.

-> Silent: Broadcast will not display any notification. Use it for silently sending content updates.

Select the options,

Click on “Send Now“.

Broadcast for ManyChat

How to Change the Default Reply in ManyChat Chatbot

Default Reply is sent when your subscribers type some keyword that is not recognized by your bot.

“Default Reply” is like a homepage for your bot users.

Dashboard -> Automation -> Default Reply

To change the text of the default reply.

Click on “Edit Message“.

Enter the text of the Default Reply and click on “Publish

Next click on “Preview” button to see your Default Reply on your mobile device.