How to create an SEO friendly permalink on WordPress sites?

Until one owns a website, the importance of URLs is not much known. A URL is just considered as a substance used for sharing a page. It is apparently a sharing substance but has much more to it apart from sharing. Many know what a URL is but a permalink sounds like a technical jargon than just being an URL.

Before knowing how to shorten a permalink, one should know what exactly a permalink is?! Any webpage or an article page has a URL and is popularly known as a permalink having derived from the words ‘permanent’ and ‘link’. It is a blend of these two and means the same either. A permalink is a permanent link or URL of a webpage or a post on WordPress. The permalink remains unchanged for its entire tenure once the article is published. However, you can edit it in between. But the previously shared links go nowhere if the existing permalink is changed. It has to remain the same to be accessible to the users and to avoid broken links issues.

Which is a best permalink?

  • The shortest possible link is considered as the best link with keywords related to the website or the content. Suppose if we are writing about installing a whatsapp plugin with the title ‘ How to add free WhatsApp for WordPress websites?’, the appropriate permalink would be
  • A permalink with 80 characters or less is attractive to the experts. It is because, 80 characters of display is the approximately the maximum length search engines can display in the search results.
  • Experts suggest inclusion of the appropriate keywords in the permalink ranging between two and four that are relevant to the article.  
  • A permalink should speak about the article. The users and the search engines should instantly get an idea of what the article is going to tell by viewing its permalink. This apparently ranks the content upwards.

What are the No’s of a permalink?

It is a default setting in the WordPress or any other content management system to set a permalink if no effort is made by the user to edit it. And this is apparently a bad one sometimes including the entire title in it along with the website name. It can look like the following if left unedited. — I

But the most appropriate one or an SEO friendly one is

Needless to say that these do not suit a website that is in a pursuit of professional excellence. The first link on the above indicates the page number on which the post is published. To highlight, there are no keywords in it to be indexed by the search engines and don’t get a better ranking for obvious reasons.

Some URLs like the second one listed above has the date of publishing included in it. Even if the article is updated at the regular intervals, it has the initial date. It is inaccurate as well at the cost of being a longer permalink.

The third example takes the entire title in the link. Though it is better than the two links before, it is not the perfect one as it is longer than the desired limit with stop words in it. In a phrase of ‘how to install a whatsapp plugin’ containing 7 words, search engines only would want to read important words such as install, whatsapp and plugin. The rest of the words are all generic and add no value except occupying space in the link. To fix such issues, edit the URL to make it shorter to have purposeful keywords in it that actually describe the article. This saves lot of space and limits the URL within 80 characters with the benefits of search engine optimization.

How to Edit a Permalink?

It is very simple to edit a permalink on wordpress websites. Just click on the title after the post is published and there appears a boxed permalink having an option to EDIT besides the box.

Click on edit to change the link. Delete the unnecessary words in the default link that is too long to handle and customize it accordingly. Make sure it is below the 80 characters mark as suggested by SEO experts. Once the correction is done, click on SAVE besides the link box and that’s it. The shortest URL possible is customized.

There are even some plugins available in the WordPress repository that customizes the URL of a site. A site that posts a lot of content on regular basis can install such plugins as it is time taking to edit the URLs of every post and page. Once a plugin in installed, it will take care of the job on an everyday purpose. Examples of such plugins are Permalink Manager by Maciej Bis.

How to install a plugin Permalink Manager to shorten URLs? 

Go to the dashboard of your website – plugins – Add new – Search for Permalink Manager – Install – Activate

That’s it! The makers claim that the plugin helps the users in controlling the URL addresses of all the custom posts, posts and pages. It also helps the visitors to automatically redirect to the new custom URLs while they try to access the old permalinks. This leads to avoiding duplicated content or 404 errors.

A short URL or a custom permalink is one of the pre-requisites of healthy SEO practices to keep your site’s marketing practices more organized and search engines optimal. Follow this simple task to mark an online identity for your site with SEO in place.

How to add ‘Recent posts’ on Twenty-twenty theme?

20 20 theme allows to display the recent posts on the home page
Recent posts display

Irrespective of how qualitative your content is, it is of no use if it goes out of sight. Though content is considered as the king of SEO, its visibility is important. Even if you keep posting regular content in timely intervals, it needs huge marketing to reach the masses. Keeping the marketing aside, at least the website should display the recent posts as a column on the site.

Many beginners think that the posts need to be posted on the home page regularly. However, it is not so. There is a setting in your theme’s customization to display the recent posts in whichever page you want the content to show up.

Since Twenty-twenty is the newest default theme on the WordPress, let us find out how to add the recent posts display feature to your site.

Dashboard – appearance – Customization – Home page Settings – Your latest posts – Publish

Other way through widgets:

Dashboard – Appearance – Customization – Widgets – Select Footer 1 or 2 to display recent posts – Add a widget – Recent posts – Set the number of posts to show – Publish

Preview the changes as your recent posts start displaying on the home page. If there are no posts yet, you will not see anyone. Make sure you add few posts before you preview the changes.

How to add search bar to a WordPress website on 20 20 theme?

Just like search engines help users in finding the necessary stuff with the relevant keywords, a search bar of a website helps its visitors in finding the required things on a website. It is not an exaggeration to say that every website requires a search bar. When a search bar is that important, let us find out, how to install a search bar on a wordpress website!

How to add a search bar on your website?

There are three different methods of adding a search bar to a website.

  • From the widget panel
  • Through a plugin

From the widget panel: The first method through which you can add a search bar to your site is through the widget panel in your site’s dashboard.

Tap on Appearance — Widgets — Search widget — Add widget — Set a title

You will find the search widget on the sidebar of your site.

Through a plugin:

We all know that plugins make our lives simple without having to go for complicated coding. You can also add a search widget through a plugin and need no technical knowledge to do this task.

This is also an automated method. You won’t need coding or technical knowledge at all.

  • Go to Plugins > Add NewIvory Search — Install — Activate — Settings — Select posts and pages on which search bar should appear — Save Form

Ivory Search Plugin: Ivory Search is an advanced search plugin designed for WordPress that allows to create unlimited new search forms in a customized manner.

They can be configured to perform different types of searches for different types of content. Users can display the search bars on different areas of a web-page such as header, footer, sidebar, menus, pages, posts, etc.

Search bar forms crucial part of a web-page on varieties of websites from e-commerce to blog sites to search for products, pages and posts of a site.

How to integrate Facebook messenger on WordPress websites?

facebook messenger adds a chatbot on your wordpress website.
Facebook messenger on wordpress websites

We all know that Facebook is not just a network of friends any more. Although it makes friends possible, there are lot more than just friends and their network. It has whopping 2.45 billion users across the globe and how can it just remain an online chitchat corner. The technology has made it possible to take business to the clients’ door step and that is through Facebook. Where there are people, take your business there.

Facebook has been adding new feathers to its cap every now and then to remain unmatched. Messenger has definitely been a value adding element to it. Since businesses have reached clients through mobiles, facebook messenger can be an exponential platform to reach clients. Many chatbots have been developed exclusively for facebook and messenger stands top of them. We all use messenger on mobiles but let us see how we can integrate facebook messenger on a wordpress website.

Whenever someone contacts a site admin on facebook messenger, an event is generated both as a lead and a contact. If facebook pixel is installed on a website, the site admin can know the conversion rate of the leads and contacts into sales. The event generated not only helps in analysis but also helps driving traffic due to the user engagement. So, this is multi-fold benefit.

We have exclusive wordpress plugins for this job!

Go to the wordpress plugin repository and type chatbot in the search box

The first plugin you find is the WP-Chatbot by Mobile Monkey, the most popular plugin in the lot.

Click on install now to install the plugin on your website

Then activate the installed plugin

How to remove “Just another WordPress site” on Twenty-Twenty theme?

customize your wordpress site's tagline by removing the default one
Remove WordPress default tagline

While struggling with the new website customizing, there are some things that make the beginners insane and “Just another WordPress site” is one such thing.  Irrespective of how beautiful the website is decorated, this one phrase spoils the entire ambience.

However, it is not a difficult task to get rid of this. This is set by default and appears on all those sites which are not customized.

Let us see how we can get rid of this annoying phrase on brand new websites:

Login to your site — Dashboard– Appearance — Customize — Site Identity – Tagline  — Remove the default tag line “Just another WordPress site” and fill it with a custom tag line.  

You also have an option not to put anything as a tag line. Just remove it.

Save the changes and click on pre-view to find the new change on your site. You will be thrilled for not finding the phrase that bothered you so far!

Dark mode, the new whatsapp feature

Whatsapp darkmode is safe to eyes and also is a power saving mode
Avail the new feature on whatsapp

Whenever WhatsApp releases new features, there is a buzz all over! However, the details of the features that are going to be launched are leaked many times.

Rumours are rife that this time the social messaging app will launch the dark mode featurefor which many of its users are still waiting.

Why ever the rumours are in place, WhatsApp has not confirmed the news or at least the tentative date by which the feature will be ready.

The news is that the social messaging app is working hard on this feature to ensure that its users have a bug-free experience. 

Many users have got this feature updated in their mobiles. However, the new feature has not come into existence even on the beta version yet as the WhatsApp team is still working on it as stated earlier.

Dark mode is nothing but an un-illuminated interface. If you are an avid Instagram user, you may understand the dark mode as they recently equipped this feature.

Generally, we all use black text on a white back ground. But dark mode is exactly opposite to that.

As there is consensual opinion growing day by day across the developers of operating systems, websites, themes and apps that the bright screen glow can cause harm to eyes eventually.

Just to soothe the eyes, it is a great solution to use dark mode as opined the people who constantly work on glowing gadgets.

WABetaInfo, the renowned outlet that strictly analyses beta and alpha versions of coded bits or software has given insightful information about whatsapp.

In an attempt to create awareness about the software’s new features, they announced in September that Whatsapp is progressively working on dark mode.

Since then people who extensively work on bright screens are looking forward to switch to the dark mode on android phones, iphones and others.

And the time finally arrived to use this feature on everyone’s smart phones.

How to switch to dark mode:

Go to the settings — Chats — Wall Paper — Solid Colors — Pick a color of your choice — Set

And that’s it. Immediately test it on your screens. It starts appearing.

How to remove “Powered by WordPress” on Twenty-Twenty theme?

Delete "powered by WordPress while customizing 20 20 theme
Remove Footer credits

While customizing Twenty-Twenty theme, you may find a rigid phrase “Powered by WordPress”.  You may feel clueless to remove it and many keep tolerating it finding no option to remove it from the site.

Though it seems difficult to be removed, it can be removed easily. Let us see how we can remove the phrase while customizing the 20-20 theme.

This is a bit of coding job.  But you don’t need to be a developer to perform this task. Experts suggest webmasters to take a backup before modifying the Cascade Style Sheet (CSS).

Take a backup of your site before you go for this change.

Once the backup is taken, right click on “Powered by WordPress” on the site and click on inspect on the extreme bottom.

Half of the page displays bits of codes that seem to be Greek and Latin to non-technical people. But don’t worry. You don’t have to do much!

Just find the class name for “Powered by WordPress” element in Twenty-Twenty theme.

Copy it and paste it in the Additional CSS. The code phrase will be like as following:

publish the changes and the phrase is immediately removed.

Click on Publish and that’s it! Look at the preview and you will not find it anymore on the footer of your site. It’s all gone…….

There is yet another method to remove this “powered by WordPress” phase. However, this is not a recommended one as it is risky.

People those who are not developers themselves are suggested to take a backup before performing this task.

<p class="powered-by-wordpress">
<a href="<?php echo esc_url( __( '', 'twentytwenty' ) ); ?>">
<?php _e( 'Powered by WordPress', 'twentytwenty' ); ?>
</p><!-- .powered-by-wordpress -->

Go to Appearance – Theme Editor – Footer PhP – Select the entire element and delete it. Look out for the code given below to be deleted.

Update the file and that’s it. The annoying phrase is removed just like that!

How to share a contact on WhatsApp?

It may be difficult to remember the phone number and type it in the WhatsApp message box if you want to share a contact number with someone. A contact may have email ids and multiple phone numbers.

Imagine the to and from rounds you have to make to share a contact. WhatsApp has made it really simple. You can share a big contact with multiple details in one go.

How to share a contact on WhatsApp?

Go to the phone contacts book on your smart phone

Pick a particular contact you want to share

Tap on share option

Pick WhatsApp from the multiple share mediums such as yahoo mail, Messages, Bluetooth, Messenger, etc.

Pick the contact or search for the contact you want to share

Tap on send…

How to share a location on WhatsApp?

Share your location to your friends and families through Whatsapp
Location sharing

Location sharing is yet another stunning feature WhatsApp has launched. Our families and friends need not worry where we are located. Explaining a location to someone has also become easy. Just share your location on WhatsApp and people will be able to reach you. You can both share your current location or a different location with your contacts.

Use Google Maps or any other location apps to enable WhatsApp share a location with users. Keep the maps on so that WhatsApp can use it to share the location.

How to share your live location on WhatsApp?

Take out the contact with whom you want to share the location.

Tap on share option

Tap on share live location

With this, the person to whom you are sharing the location will see your real time location.

The duration to share the location is your choice. You can manage whether or how long you can share your location. Again, it is your choice to stop the live location sharing.

As it is end to end encrypted, no one else can see your live location other than the contact to which you are sharing the location.

Pre-requisites for location sharing:

If you tap on share your current location instead of live location, the location will be sent to the required contact immediately.

To share your location with your contacts, you need to allow WhatsApp with a location permission.

Go to your phone’s settings – Apps and Notifications –WhatsApp – Permissions – Turn on Location

How to share a different location on WhatsApp?

Tap on the pin icon in the contact with whom you want to share a location

Tap on location

Select the exact location on the map. Google Maps will help you pin the location

Tap on send this location and that’s it! If you tap on share your current location instead of live location, the location will be sent to the required contact immediately.

How to update WhatsApp?

Whatsapp keeps launching new features frequently. But to get those features, the app needs a frequent update!
Update Whatsapp to get advanced

WhatsApp gets updated with every new feature launched and we also need to update WhatsApp to get those new features on our phones. Many of us don’t know how to update the app and hence, we stay away from using the amazing features the makers are launching.

WhatsApp is not just a messaging app anymore. We can even make international calls using the app, share documents, contacts, locations etc. the makers are even working on launching payment feature on it. The updated versions of WhatsApp contain the best security features and fixes for malware and bugs. So, lets know how to update the app to use those alluring features on it.

How to update WhatsApp?

It is very simple to update WhatsApp from the application store on your smart phone that is Google Play store. You may need to update WhatsApp if you get a message saying ‘it is not supported by your WhatsApp version’.

Go to Play Store, then tap on Menu — My apps & games — Tap Update next to WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp has announced that it will not support some operating systems such as Windows from the mid of 2019 as it is planning to stop developing software for such operating systems. Users are requested to update WhatsApp on a regular basis to keep getting the new updates and features.