Hide When Offline

To hide the WhatsApp icon/button when offline(non-business hours), check this option. This feature is available in the PRO version. Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ —> ‘Business hours – Offline/Online’ Example: Let us make the WhatsApp icon/button available only for business hours 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Step 1: Navigate to Click to Chat —> Business …

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Add WhatsApp In WooCommerce Single Product Pages

We can Add WhatsApp on single product pages at these positions: Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ -> ’WooCommerce’ – Add WhatsApp – Single Product Pages For example, Here, WhatsApp with the Call to Action “Buy Now” is designed with style-8 and placed at the position of the product summary. Pre-filled: The Pre-filled message appears when …

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Logged in Users

This pro feature is extended to: Display based on Website visitor login status (Since version 1.3) Display only if the website visitor is a logged-in User. If the ‘Logged in Users only’ option is checked, the WhatsApp icon/button will display only if the website visitor is a logged-in user.

Time delay, Scroll

PRO Feature Time Delay Plugin displays the WhatsApp icon/button after given time delay. Scroll Displays the WhatsApp icon/Button After user scroll down the given percentage Settings are available at Click to Chat Admin page – Display Settings – PRO Settings Here from the image. time delay: 10, plugin will display the icon after 10 Seconds …

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Random Number

PRO Feature Distribute the support questions across the network. When the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon/button, it will navigate to a random WhatsApp Number from the list. Add WhatsApp number with country code.