When the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon/button it creates an event at Google Analytics with some predefined values. The plugin won’t install Google Analytics on its own. Events Details: If Google Analytics 4 is installed Google Analytics 4 comes with custom event parameters, there is no need to use the predefined parameters like in …

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Pre-Filled Message

The Pre-Filled message is a text that appears automatically in the WhatsApp chat Window when the page visitor clicks on the WhatsApp button/Image.  We can add multiple lines in the Pre-Filled Message along with the variables.  Along with the text, we can add variables like {URL}, {site} {title}  Example:   This Pre-Filled text will display in the WhatsApp chat window. Variables will be replaced based on …

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WhatsApp Number

Add the WhatsApp number along with the country code. Example: This phone number must have an active account on WhatsApp. If the number is changed at page level settings or at localization plugins(wpml, polylang ) Add WhatsApp number with Country code  List of Country Codes PRO Random Number When a user clicks on WhatsApp icon/button, it will navigate to a random …

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