Buy domain names @ 5 best places:

Naming a company is the most interesting thing when you are starting your own firm. In the era of digital and virtual firms, the name is the only thing witnessed by the clients. Hence, it has to stand out and yet be easy to remember. Naming a digital company is not as easy as you name an individual. Once a company’s name is registered, no other company should have the same name. so, it is equally important where we are purchasing a domain name for our company. This article is meant to list out 5 best places to buy domain names.

Few registries offer free names these days. We cannot ignore the fact that free domains also click well. It depends on how unique you create your company name and how smartly you run your startup. But domain purchases from commercial registries have their own benefits as they offer unique names as per your choice.

Though there are many registries that offer the domain name registration services, the prominent registries offer customer support if there is an issue with your company’s name. While cloning the website, they offer backup services too. Few enthusiasts block or buy domains similar to their company’s registered name so that no other similar name of the company should exist for maintaining uniqueness. For example, you have registered, you can block or purchase,,, XYZ. global,, etc. Let us know about 5 best places to buy domain names and once your company gets into the limelight, you would also suggest someone get a domain name from a particular registry.


The top name in the arena with more than 78 million domains under management speaks volumes of GoDaddy’s achievement. They claim that they are the world’s largest registrar with round the clock services. Their widest selection on the web facilitates millions of its customers with unique domain names. They have helped millions of budding entrepreneurs establish their companies with their domain names.


Hostgator is yet another reputed global web hosting services company. With the foresight of web-revolution, the company wants to offer secure homes online for its customers and has achieved this target in a fruitful manner. It offers economic domain names and has established itself as a domain name registration company ever since its inception.


As the name suggests, NameCheap is one of the most reputed web hosting companies which offers cheap domain names to its clients. It established itself as one of the best places to buy domain names in the past decades to compete with the rest of the 4 web hosting companies in this list.

In the past two decades, has risen to compete with established web hosting companies in the niche and has been serving millions of people with its cost-effective web domain solutions. Its 24*7 customer support is one of the reasons for its reputation. Consider for domain purchase and experience its premium services. with its attractive plans has emerged as a web player and offers economic yet reliable naming solutions to its clients. Its ever-increasing client base has enhanced its reputation as a web hosting company and is promising when it comes to buying domains.

For buying a domain name or for blocking related names, try these amazing domain registration companies. Done forget to let us know which one you liked the best.