How to add ‘Recent posts’ on Twenty-twenty theme?

20 20 theme allows to display the recent posts on the home page
Recent posts display

Irrespective of how qualitative your content is, it is of no use if it goes out of sight. Though content is considered as the king of SEO, its visibility is important. Even if you keep posting regular content in timely intervals, it needs huge marketing to reach the masses. Keeping the marketing aside, at least the website should display the recent posts as a column on the site.

Many beginners think that the posts need to be posted on the home page regularly. However, it is not so. There is a setting in your theme’s customization to display the recent posts in whichever page you want the content to show up.

Since Twenty-twenty is the newest default theme on the WordPress, let us find out how to add the recent posts display feature to your site.

Dashboard – appearance – Customization – Home page Settings – Your latest posts – Publish

Other way through widgets:

Dashboard – Appearance – Customization – Widgets – Select Footer 1 or 2 to display recent posts – Add a widget – Recent posts – Set the number of posts to show – Publish

Preview the changes as your recent posts start displaying on the home page. If there are no posts yet, you will not see anyone. Make sure you add few posts before you preview the changes.

How to add search bar to a WordPress website on 20 20 theme?

Just like search engines help users in finding the necessary stuff with the relevant keywords, a search bar of a website helps its visitors in finding the required things on a website. It is not an exaggeration to say that every website requires a search bar. When a search bar is that important, let us find out, how to install a search bar on a wordpress website!

How to add a search bar on your website?

There are three different methods of adding a search bar to a website.

  • From the widget panel
  • Through a plugin

From the widget panel: The first method through which you can add a search bar to your site is through the widget panel in your site’s dashboard.

Tap on Appearance — Widgets — Search widget — Add widget — Set a title

You will find the search widget on the sidebar of your site.

Through a plugin:

We all know that plugins make our lives simple without having to go for complicated coding. You can also add a search widget through a plugin and need no technical knowledge to do this task.

This is also an automated method. You won’t need coding or technical knowledge at all.

  • Go to Plugins > Add NewIvory Search — Install — Activate — Settings — Select posts and pages on which search bar should appear — Save Form

Ivory Search Plugin: Ivory Search is an advanced search plugin designed for WordPress that allows to create unlimited new search forms in a customized manner.

They can be configured to perform different types of searches for different types of content. Users can display the search bars on different areas of a web-page such as header, footer, sidebar, menus, pages, posts, etc.

Search bar forms crucial part of a web-page on varieties of websites from e-commerce to blog sites to search for products, pages and posts of a site.

How to remove “Just another WordPress site” on Twenty-Twenty theme?

customize your wordpress site's tagline by removing the default one
Remove WordPress default tagline

While struggling with the new website customizing, there are some things that make the beginners insane and “Just another WordPress site” is one such thing.  Irrespective of how beautiful the website is decorated, this one phrase spoils the entire ambience.

However, it is not a difficult task to get rid of this. This is set by default and appears on all those sites which are not customized.

Let us see how we can get rid of this annoying phrase on brand new websites:

Login to your site — Dashboard– Appearance — Customize — Site Identity – Tagline  — Remove the default tag line “Just another WordPress site” and fill it with a custom tag line.  

You also have an option not to put anything as a tag line. Just remove it.

Save the changes and click on pre-view to find the new change on your site. You will be thrilled for not finding the phrase that bothered you so far!