How to share a contact on WhatsApp?

It may be difficult to remember the phone number and type it in the WhatsApp message box if you want to share a contact number with someone. A contact may have email ids and multiple phone numbers.

Imagine the to and from rounds you have to make to share a contact. WhatsApp has made it really simple. You can share a big contact with multiple details in one go.

How to share a contact on WhatsApp?

Go to the phone contacts book on your smart phone

Pick a particular contact you want to share

Tap on share option

Pick WhatsApp from the multiple share mediums such as yahoo mail, Messages, Bluetooth, Messenger, etc.

Pick the contact or search for the contact you want to share

Tap on send…

How to share a location on WhatsApp?

Share your location to your friends and families through Whatsapp
Location sharing

Location sharing is yet another stunning feature WhatsApp has launched. Our families and friends need not worry where we are located. Explaining a location to someone has also become easy. Just share your location on WhatsApp and people will be able to reach you. You can both share your current location or a different location with your contacts.

Use Google Maps or any other location apps to enable WhatsApp share a location with users. Keep the maps on so that WhatsApp can use it to share the location.

How to share your live location on WhatsApp?

Take out the contact with whom you want to share the location.

Tap on share option

Tap on share live location

With this, the person to whom you are sharing the location will see your real time location.

The duration to share the location is your choice. You can manage whether or how long you can share your location. Again, it is your choice to stop the live location sharing.

As it is end to end encrypted, no one else can see your live location other than the contact to which you are sharing the location.

Pre-requisites for location sharing:

If you tap on share your current location instead of live location, the location will be sent to the required contact immediately.

To share your location with your contacts, you need to allow WhatsApp with a location permission.

Go to your phone’s settings – Apps and Notifications –WhatsApp – Permissions – Turn on Location

How to share a different location on WhatsApp?

Tap on the pin icon in the contact with whom you want to share a location

Tap on location

Select the exact location on the map. Google Maps will help you pin the location

Tap on send this location and that’s it! If you tap on share your current location instead of live location, the location will be sent to the required contact immediately.

How to update WhatsApp?

Whatsapp keeps launching new features frequently. But to get those features, the app needs a frequent update!
Update Whatsapp to get advanced

WhatsApp gets updated with every new feature launched and we also need to update WhatsApp to get those new features on our phones. Many of us don’t know how to update the app and hence, we stay away from using the amazing features the makers are launching.

WhatsApp is not just a messaging app anymore. We can even make international calls using the app, share documents, contacts, locations etc. the makers are even working on launching payment feature on it. The updated versions of WhatsApp contain the best security features and fixes for malware and bugs. So, lets know how to update the app to use those alluring features on it.

How to update WhatsApp?

It is very simple to update WhatsApp from the application store on your smart phone that is Google Play store. You may need to update WhatsApp if you get a message saying ‘it is not supported by your WhatsApp version’.

Go to Play Store, then tap on Menu — My apps & games — Tap Update next to WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp has announced that it will not support some operating systems such as Windows from the mid of 2019 as it is planning to stop developing software for such operating systems. Users are requested to update WhatsApp on a regular basis to keep getting the new updates and features.