Dark mode, the new whatsapp feature

Whatsapp darkmode is safe to eyes and also is a power saving mode
Avail the new feature on whatsapp

Whenever WhatsApp releases new features, there is a buzz all over! However, the details of the features that are going to be launched are leaked many times.

Rumours are rife that this time the social messaging app will launch the dark mode featurefor which many of its users are still waiting.

Why ever the rumours are in place, WhatsApp has not confirmed the news or at least the tentative date by which the feature will be ready.

The news is that the social messaging app is working hard on this feature to ensure that its users have a bug-free experience. 

Many users have got this feature updated in their mobiles. However, the new feature has not come into existence even on the beta version yet as the WhatsApp team is still working on it as stated earlier.

Dark mode is nothing but an un-illuminated interface. If you are an avid Instagram user, you may understand the dark mode as they recently equipped this feature.

Generally, we all use black text on a white back ground. But dark mode is exactly opposite to that.

As there is consensual opinion growing day by day across the developers of operating systems, websites, themes and apps that the bright screen glow can cause harm to eyes eventually.

Just to soothe the eyes, it is a great solution to use dark mode as opined the people who constantly work on glowing gadgets.

WABetaInfo, the renowned outlet that strictly analyses beta and alpha versions of coded bits or software has given insightful information about whatsapp.

In an attempt to create awareness about the software’s new features, they announced in September that Whatsapp is progressively working on dark mode.

Since then people who extensively work on bright screens are looking forward to switch to the dark mode on android phones, iphones and others.

And the time finally arrived to use this feature on everyone’s smart phones.

How to switch to dark mode:

Go to the settings — Chats — Wall Paper — Solid Colors — Pick a color of your choice — Set

And that’s it. Immediately test it on your screens. It starts appearing.

How to share documents on WhatsApp?

Now, You can share documents on whatsapp
Whatsapp Allows Document Sharing

WhatsApp has tremendously improved from what it was initially available. Though it has been 10 years of its inception, the app has been growing desirable day by day.

Many features have been added to the basic app and the process of updating the app is still continuing. The Document sharing along with ‘hide muted statusbio-metric authentication, call waiting and Self-destructing messages, group invite blocking, etc. are taking the Whatsapp Reputation to another level!!

Being a chat app initially, WhatsApp has grown to be a calling app, a location sharing software, and now a document sharing app too. The makers are planning to make it a payment app too.

It is replacing mailers with its document sharing properties. It is extremely simple to share documents on WhatsApp now. you don’t need any whatsapp plugins to do this job.

How to share documents on WhatsApp?

  • Get into the contact with whom you want to share the document
  • Tap on the pin icon on the right side of the message bar
  • Tap on document, the first icon of the 6 options
  • Choose the document you want to share
  • Tap on send and that’s it.
  • Your document will be shared in seconds be it a PDF or a Word

The document sharing feature was earlier available in beta version and now it is officially available on WhatsApp with the other new features such as hide muted status, group invite blocking, self-destructing messages, call waiting etc.

You don’t need to login to your mailer and type the email address of the person to whom you want to send the email. The document sharing is much simpler in WhatsApp than Yahoo or Gmail.

WhatsApp Bio-Metric Authentication, the new feature of the chat app

whats-app bio-metric scan is the irreplaceable security feature on the chat app!
New Security system for whatsapp

A simple app became a sensation in information technology world in no time and is ruling the world with 1.5 billion plus users across the globe. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is one of its kind apps to garner such a huge adulation from worldwide users. WhatsApp leaves no stone unturned to make it even more user-friendly. It launches new features in regular intervals to update its users technically in the process of adding value to WhatsApp chat. WhatsApp biometric authentication is one such a new feature of the app.

The social messaging app declared the launch of a brand-new feature on android phones through finger print sensors for safeguarding the users’ privacy. WhatsApp says that the devices working with Android operating system will soon acquire the said privacy feature to secure their accounts with the help of fingerprint authentication. However, the Android devices should have a finger print scanner in order to keep the feature working.

The Facebook-owned messaging app has brought in the bio-metric authentication system for the Touch Id and Face ID of Apple. All of the iOS 9 and above iPhone devices are compatible to this feature as they have finger print scanners in them by default. If iPhone users have to open WhatsApp on their devices, they can prompt, touch ID or face ID for unlocking the app.

Similarly, WhatsApp has brought in the feature for Android users where you can unlock your account with your finger print if your phone supports the finger print feature. To avail this feature on WhatsApp,

The bio-metric authentication is the new WhatsApp feature along with ‘hide muted statuscall waiting and Self-destructing messages, group invite blocking, documents sharing, etc.!!

How to add Bio-Metric Authentication to WhatsApp?

Tap on Settings –> Account –> Privacy –> Finger print lock –> Turn on the finger print lock –> On the unlock button with finger print and give your finger print to the device to confirm it.

Set the time interval by choosing between Immediately, After one Minute and After 30 minutes options.

That’s it, this sets the finger print scanner option on your WhatsApp account and you don’t need any Whatsapp plugins for this purpose. Lock your phone with your unique finger print and enjoy your privacy.

Currently, this feature is available in beta versions. But WhatsApp has not made it clear as to when they will officially launch it. The chat app always releases its features in beta versions and makes it available for users. Catering to the feedback it receives from users, it develops the features to perfection and then launches officially. So, lets wait for the bio-metric authentication feature to officially join your mobiles and till then keep enjoying the beta version.

WhatsApp’s reputation is growing bigger day-by-day

Ever since its inception, Whatsapp reputation has grown multi-fold
Whatsapp is famous across the globe

Its not an exaggeration to say that WhatsApp is a global messaging app. The app has its mark on almost all the nations across continents. It has been a good decade by 2019 since its inception in 2009 but the growing graph still points upwards. The success can be attributed to WhatsApp people who constantly intervene with all new features and functionalities to leverage the app’s utility.

Initially crafted by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, the former employees of Yahoo, the WhatsApp was an outcome of inspiration raged due to Apple and its push send notifications to update its users. But it did not stop there. It was further developed by by Igor Solomennikov as Koum did not want to miss calls during his gym session.     

It instantly clicked and the response motivated them to include messaging feature on the app. That’s how it transformed to be a messaging app. This has been a turning point in WhatsApp’s timeline with a multi-media messaging feature on android platform.

Since then, it crossed many mile stones to be what it is today. 2013 has been a landmark year for the app to have a worth of 1.5 billion. This attracted Facebook and it acquired the app in 2014 for whopping $19 billion making it the biggest acquisition for Facebook and one of the biggest 11-digit mark in history.

WhatsApp has grown bigger from being just a messaging app to a software that has video calling, group calling, voice calling, WhatsApp business, etc. It has emerged as a tough competitor for skype and other platforms that offer free voice calling to replace ISD calling tariffs. People have started making different Whatsapp plugins basing on the chat app.

Crucial statistics of WhatsApp:

1.5 billion plus users across 180 countries of the total 195 countries in the world

One billion active users a day is the best for very few apps globally

India emerges the top nation to have 200 million users which sometimes crosses 300 million

Many WhatsApp plugins are developed to add WhatsApp connectivity to websites  

Snapchat stories have been replaced by WhatsApp statuses to a 450 million users

The newest inclusion WhatsApp business has also garnered many eyeballs to reach 3 million

It is reported that 29 million messages are sent every minute

65 billion messages cross the mobiles in an entire day

WhatsApp’s popularity:

We can say that the popularity of the app is not restricted to a particular nation but it is famous across the globe with only 15 countries left from the total of 195 nations. For instance, the Latin American nation Brazil has 120 million users by 2017 May, it can be said that more than half of the nation’s population uses WhatsApp as its population counts to 211 million with the internet users counting to 66%. If its demographics are to be observed, the same patterns are seen.

WhatsApp demographics:

As per the report submitted by, ‘We are Flint’, WhatsApp users are higher in the young age group in the UK. They comprise of 84% in 25-34 years and are prior to the age group of 35-44 with a percentile of 80.

The higher the age is, the lesser the WhatsApp usage is. The reason behind these stats is that old aged people are less interested in handling gadgets in comparison to youngsters who are more gadget friendly due to the usage of computing in their academics.

Similarly, usage is higher in white collared professions with higher incomes in comparison to people with lower pay grades with lack of skills.

This kind of comparison applies to rural and urban people as well. Surprisingly women are using WhatsApp higher than men although it doesn’t make a huge difference.


All the above stats establish a fact that WhatsApp is an ever-growing software acquiring new functionalities day by day. Its reputation is unbeaten and it may take years for any new app to reach half the way.

Source: Statista

Source:We are Social, 2019

Source: We are Flint

How to add call waiting feature to WhatsApp?

Call waiting feature is new but an old feature of 90s
Call waiting feature adds value to calling

There is a new buzz across WhatsApp users related to its new feature. Users got an opportunity to reminisce good olden days of 90s whit a WhatsApp’s new feature. However, the Facebook owned app did not perfectionate the feature as per the complaints of many users. But if experts are to be believed, the new feature that is old can definitely add value to your WhatsApp account. 

Call waiting feature of 90’s:

If you call someone with a mobile in those days at the same time someone else is calling on that number, there used to be a sound to let the caller know that there is a cross call. In the new update of WhatsApp, this old feature comes back as a new feature along with other features such as Hide muted status, Self-destructing messages, Group Invite blocking, Bio-metric Authentication, document sharing etc.

If someone calls you on WhatsApp while you are on an ongoing call, you will have a beep about the new call but this works only if you have the feature updated on your phone.

A caller makes a call on a mobile and indicates that a you may receive a call. But you can only take the call after the former call has ended. It is of no use even if you hold the first call. So, this was the advantage of the old call waiting system. You can dismiss the call for that moment and carry on with the call that you think is more important.

The new update of WhatsApp 2.19.352 should have this old but new feature on your mobiles without your effort. In case of its absence, you may want to visit the google play store to get this on. You can also download the official APK. But it is necessary that you get the APK from WhatsApp only. It is always suggested that APKs should be installed by seasoned users.

iOS has already got this feature in store for WhatsApp and is not a special feature anymore on the Apple smart phones. Android is going to updated this time and you do not require any whatsapp plugin for doing this job. Isn’t this an interesting feature on your WhatsApp account?

People who make overseas calls on WhatsApp get benefitted with this the most as WhatsApp calls cut down the huge calling tariffs. It doesn’t mean that it is not useful for local calls. 

So far, WhatsApp has not made any declarations on how to add the call waiting feature to the social chat app. So, it is automatic and if not, google play store will serve the purpose.

Self-Destructing Messages, the new feature to be launched on WhatsApp

Self-Destructing Messages on Whatsapp can reduce load on your mobile's storage
Self-Destructing Messages

The newest sensation of a WhatsApp feature is the self-destructing messages and it is yet to be launched. WhatsApp woos its users with new features every now and then. If you compare the current app with the initial WhatsApp, it has undergone tremendous changes in the decade from its inception.  Also, the family has grown bigger to 1.5 billion users across the globe. It is no exaggeration to say that every smart phone is having WhatsApp these days. The social messaging software initially offers its features for testing on beta version. Users can explore the added functionalities in the beta versions before the actual launch.

What’s new?

The new WhatsApp features are such as hide muted status, block group admin, call waiting, document sharing, Bio-Metric Authentication self-destructing messages, etc. This article explains in detail about the self-destructing messages.

Self-Destructing Messages

You may wonder what is new about this. We were able to delete the WhatsApp messages earlier also. When you remember this, you also remember that there was an awkward left over ‘deleted message mark’ leaving a trace for the receiver to know that there was a deleted message there.

How does the new feature work?

The new feature enables the user to self-destruct messages after a stipulated time period and it doesn’t require a whatsapp plugin for this. The users can put on the self-destructing messages and set a time for all the messages to be self-destructed. The receiver has no trace of the deleted messages in the chat such as “deleted message”. It just shows up as if the deleted message was never there and looks like a normal chat. Users have options to set the self-destruction mode after 5 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days of receiving the message.

Merits and demerits of Self-Destructing Messages:

This is useful in automatically clearing the pictures and videos piled up in the WhatsApp videos and WhatsApp images sections of your smart phone’s gallery there by accelerating the performance of your device. However, people also opine that WhatsApp documentation is a proof and a memory to check the past events and we may lose it with this new feature. But majority of the people may like this new feature and the Facebook acquired app can still get some new downloads for this feature.

How to enable this feature?

It is yet to be unlocked as this feature is going to add to WhatsApp soon. As soon as it is launched, users will be notified about it. Taking an app update will accommodate the new feature on your WhatsApp. So, are you excited about the news! If yes, show us your support through a like or a comment so that we can get more information on this topic on the feature’s release. Once the feature gets released through WhatsApp, we will write on “How to add self-destruction mode to the WhatsApp messages after a stipulated time period”?

New WhatsApp features has group invite blocking

Protect your privacy by adding group invite blocking on whatsapp
Group Invite Blocking

WhatsApp releases new features in regular intervals to add the desirability quotient to the app. There is a buzz that it has in store some interesting features.

All of a sudden, a new group evolves in your WhatsApp including you in the group! One of your friends might just include you in the group as FRIENDS don’t need permission!!

Not to mention about the erratic messages that pop on new groups for a couple of months and the eccentricity slowly subsides!

Especially if the group members belong to various time zones, hell is no where else. You will be sleeping and some of the group members will be chatting as they belong to a different time zone.

You may find it ridiculous to know that some of the people in that group are not even in your contacts list.

Why this new WhatsApp feature is added?

Popping up messages with annoying noises disturb you to the core! An awkward situation where you can not say ‘no’ to them and can’t bear them either. Then, this is exactly for you!

The social messaging biggie understood this and added a new feather in its cap to fix the issue!

Group invite blocking is this all new WhatsApp feature besides the ‘hide muted status, call waiting, Bio-Metric Authentication, Document Sharing and Self-destructing messages!! The cross-platform messaging and VoIP are in collaboration for this.

Uses of group invite blocking:

WhatsApp users or admins won’t be able to add you in their groups here after. Each one of your friends on your contact list can be stopped from adding you to a group.

You can even choose to allow everyone to add you to groups. It is not mandatory to use group invite blocking and is just an added feature. 

Earlier, the only way of stopping of ‘being added’ was to blocking the group admins. It may be a rude way of telling that “I am not interested in joining your group”.

Now, there is a diplomatic way!!

Despite preventing everyone from adding you in a group, your friends may still send you a private link to join that takes 3 days or 72 hours to expire. This must be enough time to contemplate on joining the group or not.

How to avail the new WhatsApp feature:

Go to Settings –> Account –> Privacy –> Groups

You will find three options once you click on Groups

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • My contacts except….

Choose anyone of them and click on done. If you click on “my contacts except”, you will get your contact list and you can block anyone from the list whom you think can join you in a group and disturb you.

You can stop every one from adding you in a group with the first option with a simple setting on the app. you don’t need a master mind or a whatsapp plugin to perform this task for you.

You can stop your contacts from adding you in a group with the second one.

The new WhatsApp feature allows you to choose people from your contacts list to prevent them from adding you in a group with the third option. If you click the third option, the contacts list will be in front of you and choose people whom you want to block.

When the blocked people try to add you in a group, the get a notification that “couldn’t add XXXXXXX. You can invite them privately to join this group.

Due to the group invite blocking, majority of the people restrict themselves from asking you privately to add you in a group if they are not close to you.

Close people anyway can get your permission. Isn’t this a smart way of keeping people away who bother you killing your time.

Activate this feature on your WhatsApp and enjoy your privacy!

‘Hide Muted Status’ is the new WhatsApp feature

Protect your privacy by hiding muted status
Hide muted-status

WhatsApp rewards its clients with brand new functionalities in regular time intervals. If the users have to analyse the apps of initial days and the current one, the software has gone through a lot of transformation. It has been a decade of WhatsApp’s inception and its clients have increased multi-fold to be 1.5 billion plus users. It is not overstating if we have to say that WhatsApp is installed on every smart phone these days. The messaging app usually makes the beta version available for its users before the launch to explore the new features.

What’s so new about WhatsApp?

The social messaging app has brand new features as hide muted status, self-destructing messages, block group admin, call waiting, Bio-Metric Authentication, Document Sharing etc. This article is to explains about the ‘hide muted status’ in detail.

Hide Muted Status

The all new feature WhatsApp is going to launch is “Hide Muted Status”! This new feature allows the users to mute the status updates. WhatsApp is going to make this available in the android version and the other versions are also expecting the update soon. Users need not bear the status updates of people in the contact list anymore. It is their choice to see the status updates or not. If they don’t want to view the status updates of their friends in the contact list, they can mute or hide the status updates. It is as simple as that and no Whatsapp plugin is required for this task.

How to useHide Muted Status?’

To enable this WhatsApp feature , the users need to tick on “hide” that is present on the top of the section of muted status updates. It can be changed to “show” either if it is to be seen. Show or hide is completely the users’ choice. Every contact can be set accordingly.

Tap on Status –> Select a contact which you want to mute for a few seconds –> Tape on Mute on the message update –> The contacts muted are under the list ‘Muted Updates’.

Uses of the ‘hide muted status’:

Notifications keep bothering the users when they are at work or sleeping. To avoid nuisance, WhatsApp has created this interesting feature. Isn’t this amazing. Let us know if you like this new feature of WhatsApp for which people are waiting for long time.

How to add ‘WhatsApp share’ feature to a WordPress site?

Whatsapp plugin is the best way to add share option to a wordpress site
Whatsapp share for WordPress

Information sharing is the back bone of IT sector and it is a revolution in the past 2 decades. We cannot imagine today’s world without sharing. Digital data or web-pages are easy to share. The websites who do not have sharing as a feature lag behind. This is why young entrepreneurs want to make sure that their websites have sharing functionality. But many are unaware as to how to add ‘share’feature to WordPress sites’? WhatsApp plugin! You read that right!

Share option with WhatsApp plugins:

There are exclusive plugins for sharing functionality. However, you may not like too many plugins on a website. WhatsApp connectivity is a must for every WordPress website as WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users across the globe and targeting these customers can be driving traffic undoubtedly. As it is better to have few plugins on your site that are most required, you can opt for click to chat, the only WhatsApp plugin that has “share” functionality.

How to add share option on Click to chat, a WhatsApp plugin?

Install the click to chat plugin on your website. Go to the plugin’s dashboard. Enable the share feature and save the changes.

The ‘share’ will appear on dash board near click to chat. Click on it to set its settings.

Write a text on the pre-filled message to let your site visitors understand that that they can share that page. URL will also be sent on a share. Call to action also can be pre-filled by the user so that it appears on the share page. The share functionality can create a lot of buzz on the web-world and Google indexes every event generated. Your site visitors are free to share the pages related to your site’s products and services.

Hope this article explains about the process of adding share functionality through a WhatsApp plugin.  Is it not so simple? Let us know if you have any difficulty in adding share option by adding a comment below.

A WhatsApp plugin can fuel user engagement on a website

The official logo of the whatsapp plugin click to chat
The whatsapp plugin logo

Every entrepreneur on the virtual platform WordPress knows that User engagement is a key to successful businesses. However, it is a million-dollar question as to ‘how to create that buzz on a website?’ However, there is no particular strategy for user engagement apart from some proven tried out methods. But they have become old strategies now. Recent experiments with WhatsApp plugin are fetching good results.

Many customers hesitate speaking to customer care representatives for their awkward usage of formal language and for the long queues of course. They prefer mailing and chatting but many times, mails turn out to be automated and lack human touch in them. Similarly, chat representatives use blurbs (pre-typed texts for frequently asked questions) that may not be relevant to our questions and scenarios. WhatsApp plugins create a personalized contact for a user with a site representative

Hence, these is an active user engagement in comparison to the traditional methods of customer care. If it is a free WhatsApp plugin, nothing is less than that. Click to chat is the most installed plugin on the WordPress plugin repository with 1 lakh plus active installations. Not only does it create a user engagement, end users can also share the pages of a website across their WhatsApp connections.  

Features of the whatsapp plugin Click to Chat:

  • Sport the icon anywhere on the website that can draw user attention
  • Highlight the WhatsApp buttons icon in 9 different styles
  • Show or hide the icon as per your business timings
  • Use simple short codes to choose between styles and for other uses
  • Sport call to actions on the free WhatsApp icons
  • Use the free WhatsApp plugin for sharing a webpage
  • Chat and group chat are the main features of the software
  • Customize each of the display style to match with the theme
  • User gets a pre-filled message to initiate chat and also the URL from where the user is clicking the icon
  • Google and Facebook analytics

Not only the plugin can fuel user engagement but also it measures the engagement with the help of Google and Facebook analytics. Every small and medium WordPress websites can go with a WhatsApp plugin to drive traffic that can generate leads thereby. Apart from a free WhatsApp button, quick loading of the website, genuine content for users that is readable and the user-friendly navigation etc. can put a WordPress site on top of the charts.