Dark mode, the new whatsapp feature

Whatsapp darkmode is safe to eyes and also is a power saving mode
Avail the new feature on whatsapp

Whenever WhatsApp releases new features, there is a buzz all over! However, the details of the features that are going to be launched are leaked many times.

Rumours are rife that this time the social messaging app will launch the dark mode featurefor which many of its users are still waiting.

Why ever the rumours are in place, WhatsApp has not confirmed the news or at least the tentative date by which the feature will be ready.

The news is that the social messaging app is working hard on this feature to ensure that its users have a bug-free experience. 

Many users have got this feature updated in their mobiles. However, the new feature has not come into existence even on the beta version yet as the WhatsApp team is still working on it as stated earlier.

Dark mode is nothing but an un-illuminated interface. If you are an avid Instagram user, you may understand the dark mode as they recently equipped this feature.

Generally, we all use black text on a white back ground. But dark mode is exactly opposite to that.

As there is consensual opinion growing day by day across the developers of operating systems, websites, themes and apps that the bright screen glow can cause harm to eyes eventually.

Just to soothe the eyes, it is a great solution to use dark mode as opined the people who constantly work on glowing gadgets.

WABetaInfo, the renowned outlet that strictly analyses beta and alpha versions of coded bits or software has given insightful information about whatsapp.

In an attempt to create awareness about the software’s new features, they announced in September that Whatsapp is progressively working on dark mode.

Since then people who extensively work on bright screens are looking forward to switch to the dark mode on android phones, iphones and others.

And the time finally arrived to use this feature on everyone’s smart phones.

How to switch to dark mode:

Go to the settings — Chats — Wall Paper — Solid Colors — Pick a color of your choice — Set

And that’s it. Immediately test it on your screens. It starts appearing.

How to share a location on WhatsApp?

Share your location to your friends and families through Whatsapp
Location sharing

Location sharing is yet another stunning feature WhatsApp has launched. Our families and friends need not worry where we are located. Explaining a location to someone has also become easy. Just share your location on WhatsApp and people will be able to reach you. You can both share your current location or a different location with your contacts.

Use Google Maps or any other location apps to enable WhatsApp share a location with users. Keep the maps on so that WhatsApp can use it to share the location.

How to share your live location on WhatsApp?

Take out the contact with whom you want to share the location.

Tap on share option

Tap on share live location

With this, the person to whom you are sharing the location will see your real time location.

The duration to share the location is your choice. You can manage whether or how long you can share your location. Again, it is your choice to stop the live location sharing.

As it is end to end encrypted, no one else can see your live location other than the contact to which you are sharing the location.

Pre-requisites for location sharing:

If you tap on share your current location instead of live location, the location will be sent to the required contact immediately.

To share your location with your contacts, you need to allow WhatsApp with a location permission.

Go to your phone’s settings – Apps and Notifications –WhatsApp – Permissions – Turn on Location

How to share a different location on WhatsApp?

Tap on the pin icon in the contact with whom you want to share a location

Tap on location

Select the exact location on the map. Google Maps will help you pin the location

Tap on send this location and that’s it! If you tap on share your current location instead of live location, the location will be sent to the required contact immediately.

A WhatsApp plugin can fuel user engagement on a website

The official logo of the whatsapp plugin click to chat
The whatsapp plugin logo

Every entrepreneur on the virtual platform WordPress knows that User engagement is a key to successful businesses. However, it is a million-dollar question as to ‘how to create that buzz on a website?’ However, there is no particular strategy for user engagement apart from some proven tried out methods. But they have become old strategies now. Recent experiments with WhatsApp plugin are fetching good results.

Many customers hesitate speaking to customer care representatives for their awkward usage of formal language and for the long queues of course. They prefer mailing and chatting but many times, mails turn out to be automated and lack human touch in them. Similarly, chat representatives use blurbs (pre-typed texts for frequently asked questions) that may not be relevant to our questions and scenarios. WhatsApp plugins create a personalized contact for a user with a site representative

Hence, these is an active user engagement in comparison to the traditional methods of customer care. If it is a free WhatsApp plugin, nothing is less than that. Click to chat is the most installed plugin on the WordPress plugin repository with 1 lakh plus active installations. Not only does it create a user engagement, end users can also share the pages of a website across their WhatsApp connections.  

Features of the whatsapp plugin Click to Chat:

  • Sport the icon anywhere on the website that can draw user attention
  • Highlight the WhatsApp buttons icon in 9 different styles
  • Show or hide the icon as per your business timings
  • Use simple short codes to choose between styles and for other uses
  • Sport call to actions on the free WhatsApp icons
  • Use the free WhatsApp plugin for sharing a webpage
  • Chat and group chat are the main features of the software
  • Customize each of the display style to match with the theme
  • User gets a pre-filled message to initiate chat and also the URL from where the user is clicking the icon
  • Google and Facebook analytics

Not only the plugin can fuel user engagement but also it measures the engagement with the help of Google and Facebook analytics. Every small and medium WordPress websites can go with a WhatsApp plugin to drive traffic that can generate leads thereby. Apart from a free WhatsApp button, quick loading of the website, genuine content for users that is readable and the user-friendly navigation etc. can put a WordPress site on top of the charts.