Dark mode, the new whatsapp feature

Whatsapp darkmode is safe to eyes and also is a power saving mode
Avail the new feature on whatsapp

Whenever WhatsApp releases new features, there is a buzz all over! However, the details of the features that are going to be launched are leaked many times.

Rumours are rife that this time the social messaging app will launch the dark mode featurefor which many of its users are still waiting.

Why ever the rumours are in place, WhatsApp has not confirmed the news or at least the tentative date by which the feature will be ready.

The news is that the social messaging app is working hard on this feature to ensure that its users have a bug-free experience. 

Many users have got this feature updated in their mobiles. However, the new feature has not come into existence even on the beta version yet as the WhatsApp team is still working on it as stated earlier.

Dark mode is nothing but an un-illuminated interface. If you are an avid Instagram user, you may understand the dark mode as they recently equipped this feature.

Generally, we all use black text on a white back ground. But dark mode is exactly opposite to that.

As there is consensual opinion growing day by day across the developers of operating systems, websites, themes and apps that the bright screen glow can cause harm to eyes eventually.

Just to soothe the eyes, it is a great solution to use dark mode as opined the people who constantly work on glowing gadgets.

WABetaInfo, the renowned outlet that strictly analyses beta and alpha versions of coded bits or software has given insightful information about whatsapp.

In an attempt to create awareness about the software’s new features, they announced in September that Whatsapp is progressively working on dark mode.

Since then people who extensively work on bright screens are looking forward to switch to the dark mode on android phones, iphones and others.

And the time finally arrived to use this feature on everyone’s smart phones.

How to switch to dark mode:

Go to the settings — Chats — Wall Paper — Solid Colors — Pick a color of your choice — Set

And that’s it. Immediately test it on your screens. It starts appearing.

How to update WhatsApp?

Whatsapp keeps launching new features frequently. But to get those features, the app needs a frequent update!
Update Whatsapp to get advanced

WhatsApp gets updated with every new feature launched and we also need to update WhatsApp to get those new features on our phones. Many of us don’t know how to update the app and hence, we stay away from using the amazing features the makers are launching.

WhatsApp is not just a messaging app anymore. We can even make international calls using the app, share documents, contacts, locations etc. the makers are even working on launching payment feature on it. The updated versions of WhatsApp contain the best security features and fixes for malware and bugs. So, lets know how to update the app to use those alluring features on it.

How to update WhatsApp?

It is very simple to update WhatsApp from the application store on your smart phone that is Google Play store. You may need to update WhatsApp if you get a message saying ‘it is not supported by your WhatsApp version’.

Go to Play Store, then tap on Menu — My apps & games — Tap Update next to WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp has announced that it will not support some operating systems such as Windows from the mid of 2019 as it is planning to stop developing software for such operating systems. Users are requested to update WhatsApp on a regular basis to keep getting the new updates and features.

How to share documents on WhatsApp?

Now, You can share documents on whatsapp
Whatsapp Allows Document Sharing

WhatsApp has tremendously improved from what it was initially available. Though it has been 10 years of its inception, the app has been growing desirable day by day.

Many features have been added to the basic app and the process of updating the app is still continuing. The Document sharing along with ‘hide muted statusbio-metric authentication, call waiting and Self-destructing messages, group invite blocking, etc. are taking the Whatsapp Reputation to another level!!

Being a chat app initially, WhatsApp has grown to be a calling app, a location sharing software, and now a document sharing app too. The makers are planning to make it a payment app too.

It is replacing mailers with its document sharing properties. It is extremely simple to share documents on WhatsApp now. you don’t need any whatsapp plugins to do this job.

How to share documents on WhatsApp?

  • Get into the contact with whom you want to share the document
  • Tap on the pin icon on the right side of the message bar
  • Tap on document, the first icon of the 6 options
  • Choose the document you want to share
  • Tap on send and that’s it.
  • Your document will be shared in seconds be it a PDF or a Word

The document sharing feature was earlier available in beta version and now it is officially available on WhatsApp with the other new features such as hide muted status, group invite blocking, self-destructing messages, call waiting etc.

You don’t need to login to your mailer and type the email address of the person to whom you want to send the email. The document sharing is much simpler in WhatsApp than Yahoo or Gmail.

The 10 most required plugins categories for WordPress websites:

WordPress occupies almost 34% of market share of the global content management systems. This success ratio can be attributed to its innumerable functionalities. The CMS acquires its functionalities through the default software inclusive of it or the plugins explicitly added to it. Since, majority of the plugins are designed for WordPress, most of these code bits are meant for WordPress. However, there are some plugins which work across varied content management systems but they are not so effective as users choose a plugin on the basis of its application.

As there are thousands of plugins with unique features, it is not possible to install all of them on websites despite their utilities. User communities are often confused in choosing the most required plugins for their websites. Since we extensively write about WordPress plugins, we are often asked about the must have plugins for WordPress sites. Since this question tops the FAQs, we have decided to list the most important plugins categories for WordPress websites.

The most required plugins for any WordPress website:

Cache plugins:

Cache storage is an exclusive shortcut storage to retrieve the web pages without having to go to the main memory every time. This is essential for every website for active performance and for preventing slow loading. The more the loading time, the higher the bounce rate will be and lesser its performance is considered to be.

Leading Cache Plugins:

We have many cache plugins in the WordPress repository. However, WP super cache is the leading one with two million plus installations. WP Total Cache and WP Fastest Cache are the next popular plugins in the lot.

SEO plugins:

 Search engine optimization sounds Greek and Latin to many web users as every web-admin is not a technical person. In the pursuit of offering the best content to the users, Google sets a secret algorithm for SEO optimization which keeps changing. Every website needs to practice the SEO optimization methods to stand out of the list. Installing an SEO plugin is essential to get notified about the best mistakes of content management and to get suggested about the right practices. This information helps in attracting the Google crawlers and indexers.

Leading SEO plugins:

Out of the many SEO plugins available the leading one is the Yoast SEO with 5 million plus active installations. ALL in one SEO pack and RankMath are the most popular plugins after the initial one.

Contact plugins:

As every website need customers without whom the site is of no value, contact plugins make sure that the site admins stay in touch with the clients. There are varieties of contact plugins. They can be WhatsApp plugins, chatbots, messenger plugins or contact form plugins. The WhatsApp plugins create WhatsApp connectivity or group chat connectivity and both along with web page sharing options. The chatbots and messengers create a live chat set up. The contact forms plugin creates various forms where customers can leave their contact details for contacting the web-admins.

Leading contact plugins:

Click to chat is the leading WhatsApp plugin with 100000 plus active installations. WP Chatbot is the live messenger and Contact form 7 plugin is a forms plugin as the name suggests.

Analytics plugin:

If you know the strengths and weaknesses of your site, you can work accordingly to make it hit the targeted audience. Though google analytics are available for every site, you don’t need to virtually visit the analytics page if the plugin is added. It lets you know the sources through which your clients land on your page so that you can increase the chances.

Leading Analytics plugins:

Google Analytics Dashboard plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights is the leading analytics plugin of the lot with 2 million plus active installations. Google Analytics Dashboard plugin for WP by ExactMetrics follows the former one to occupy the next place.

Back up plugins:

The websites may be at extreme risk of losing data when they are updated at regular intervals. They need a backup as a preventive measure in case any damage occurs. The webmasters strictly suggest a website backup before the site admins go for an update as a security precaution. The entire website may be at the risk of losing without a backup. Since every admin is not a technical mastermind to take a manual backup, we can confidently rely on a backup plugin.

Leading Backup plugins:

Updraftplus WordPress backup plugin leads the lot with 2 million plus active installations! Duplicator-WordPress Migration plugin and BackWPup-WordPress backup plugins are the next popular ones in this segment.

Security plugins:

A website is a virtual store. Just like a physical store needs security, a web store also needs security from malware and bugs. Security plugins build a safety wall against the hazardous elements with malicious intentions. Without security to your site, it seems like a compromise.

Leading security plugins:

Social sharing plugins:

 It’s time to take your business to the masses. Since the masses follow social media extensively, it is important for every website to take a plunge. In spite of reaching every platform for sharing, install a simple plugin that can do the job for you to save your precious time. Utilize the time for some other important job.

Leading social sharing plugins:

WordPress social sharing plugin-Sassy Social share is the top most plugin in the WordPress repository. The rest to follow are Social media share buttons and Social sharing icons plus WordPress Social Sharing Plugin-Social Warfare.

Page builder plugins:

Majority of the developers prefer to use page builders for website making than going for coding business. Page building plugins make website making a child’s play. It is not an exaggeration to say that many startups are using page building plugins instead of going to developers. The number of blocks used for constructing such as text, images, lists, pricing tables, headings, carts and many more. Insert the necessary block and the job is done. So, this is yet another must have plugin for WordPress websites.

Leading page builder plugins:

Elementor tops the charts undoubtedly with its free and pro versions. So far, three million installations have happened in the free version. Beaver and Divi are the next toppers in the segment.

E-commerce plugins:

Whoever want to create an online shoppe need e-commerce plugins to create products and services pages, cart page, check-out pages etc. A simple commerce plugin can make your website a selling platform. Though all websites are not selling sites, the sites meant for selling can’t ignore these.

Leading e-commerce plugins:

WooCommerce is a known plugin and not only in e-commerce, this can be called as one of the most installed plugins across categories in the WordPress repository. Although there are a couple of other plugins in this segment, they are quite farther and they need to assemble themselves with rigorous attempts to at least come closer to WooCommerce. Easy Digital Downloads follows it humbly.

Localization plugins:

 As the name suggests, a localization plugin once installed can acquire in-browser editing functionality for translating files on wordpress platform. It also helps the software developers by translating the templates and other docs with the help of exclusive tools.

Leading localization plugins:

 Loco Translate is the leading software in this segment. WP Multilang is yet another classic plugin for the same purposes.

Some people may not need a few plugins. For example, a blogger may not need WooCommerce as blogging does not need any products to be sold. People visit a blog site to know the writer’s perspective on specific topics. Page builders may also not hold good for every website. Some site owners approach developers for site making business and such people may not need page builders as they get the work done on payment. But the rest of all the other plugins are essential for almost all websites. Cache, SEO, contacts, analytics, backup, security, social promotion etc. are the crucial elements for any website to progress. Install these essential plugins on your WordPress website and stay confident and happy!!

WhatsApp plugin adds group chat on WordPress websites

Adding whatsapp group chat on wordpress website is a plugin's job!
Whatsapp group chat

The popular statement “Man is a social animal” is proven as humans always want to live in societies. The same psychology resonates when customers want to join a group on your website. However, if you don’t allow them to form a group, they may lose the trust factor in your brand. But it is not too difficult to create a group chat for your clients. A WhatsApp plugin can add group chat on WordPress websites.

Not every WhatsApp plugin can add a group chat feature.

The only WhatsApp plugin with share option is Click to chat, a renowned software to add WhatsApp connectivity for WordPress and so is the group chat.

Clients feel secure when they are in a group. So, make it available for the users by installing the click to chat on your WordPress website.

Now, let us see how one can add a group chat feature to WordPress websites!

How to add group chat to WordPress websites with a WhatsApp plugin?

Install the click to chat plugin from the WordPress repository and activate it by adding your WhatsApp no to it in the settings page of the plugin. Once the plugin is added, it will appear under the plugins section of the dashboard.

Tap on click to chat

Tick the Enable Group box

a simple whatsapp plugin can add group chat feature to a wordpress website
Enabling group chat

Add WhatsApp group ID retrieved from the settings page from the WhatsApp interface

Save changes after the group id is added and a group is formed.

Add the group id by retrieving from whatsapp settings page and enjoy the group chat feature
Group chat enabled

Add a pre-filled text of your choice and enjoy group chat feature inclusive of WhatsApp on your WordPress site. It has unlimited sharing options as well.

With this you can stay together with the client community at the convenience of staying away. If you still have any difficulty using this feature, get into the ‘read more’ section besides every element of the click to chat interface and it will easily guide you with user-friendly instructions. Click to chat is the only WhatsApp plugin to have the group chat feature at the convenience of having WhatsApp on your WordPress website.

5 best free WhatsApp plugins for WordPress:

Free whatsapp plugins change the dynamics of customer care for small and medium businesses
Free whatsapp plugins change the dynamics of customer care

WordPress facilitates its users with added functionalities through plugins. Though there are thousands of free and paid plugins, a handful of those got into the lime light and the rest remain unidentified. Since we have published an article about “how to add free WhatsApp for WordPress websites”, we have been getting hundreds of messages asking to list the best free WhatsApp plugins. So, here we go with the list!

CLICK TO CHAT, a free plugin for whatsapp:

Topping the charts, the free whatsapp plugin CLICK TO CHAT powers unlimited of websites!
The top free whatsapp chat plugin

The king of all and the first WhatsApp chat plugin on the WordPress repository is CLICK TO CHAT. With more than 1 lakh active installations, the plugin is developed by HoliThemes, a renowned software company. Owing to the plugin’s user-friendliness, it has garnered many eye balls in a very short span. Being the top plugin, it has many features in comparison to its counterparts. These functionalities undoubtedly add value and hence, the plugin is powering innumerable websites with free WhatsApp connectivity. The plugin has a paid version CLICK with many additional functionalities.

Features of CLICK TO CHAT:

  1. Place the WhatsApp button anywhere on the website without a position restriction
  2. Share the site’s pages across friends and families
  3. Short codes to simplify settings such as styles, number, position, group Id, call to action, pre-filled text and many more
  4. Chat, group chat options
  5. Pre-filled messages with URL and product title
  6. No limit on the number of icons to be used
  7. 9 customizable styles to display the WhatsApp icon
  8. Display the icon to match with the site’s theme
  9. Add a personal image or a GIF as the display picture
  10. Show/Hide as per your site’s business hours
  11. Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics

Cresta help chat:

Whatsapp with a simple click

The Free WhatsApp for WordPress claims that its users can be contacted through WhatsApp just with a simple click. The clients may contact the site representatives in private messages on WhatsApp and can continue the conversation on either desktop or a mobile. The floating style can be fixed at the bottom right of the site using a short code. This plugin has a pro-version as well named CRESTA HELP CHAT PRO.


  1. Fix the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right of your site
  2. Short code to add WhatsApp icon in posts, pages or custom posts
  3. Choose between the pages to show WhatsApp icon
  4. Mobile friendly

WP Social chat:

The free WhatsApp plugin enables the customers start a conversation from the site to WhatsApp number. You can include a text on the icon that starts the conversation. To configure the plugin, get to the button tab in the chat section of WhatsApp from your admin dashboard. Users can choose between the two styles. Explore the amazing plugin to understand its functionalities.

A user-friendly plugin for whatsapp
Start conversation from site to Whatsapp


  1. Colour changeable WhatsApp display icon and box
  2. WhatsApp contact box is a special feature
  3. Two display styles of bordering the icon in square or circle
  4. Conceal the button on post types and categories
  5. Can be placed on two positions on the website
  6. Customizable text on icon
  7. Customizable user message

Add Chat App button:

The Add Chat App button is a free WhatsApp plugin that enables a customizable click to chat button. It has many utilities and is marching towards grabbing more eyeballs. The display style has two options available.


  1. Enable the WhatsApp chat plugin with a simple check in the settings page
  2. Exclusive pages for general settings and button design tab with exclusive functionalities
  3. The first tab comprises of options like limiting the button to appear only under a certain screen resolution with a default message
  4. The latter comprises of settings for icon color, text label color, icon type, etc.
  5. Mobile friendly
  6. Identifies mobile or a desktop and offers exclusive links for each of them

WAme, a whatsapp plugin for free:

The amazing plugin claims to insert a WhatsApp on your site. It displays the icon on the right or left side of your site.  It’s a mobile friendly plugin software. Available in multiple languages, the plugin analyses data for users.


  • Be creative in designing your own display picture
  • Show notification
  • Tooltip for gaining user attention
  • Product pages get defined CTAs and custom messages
  • Google Analytics
  • Create your own call to action messages
  • Use multiple phone numbers

The free WhatsApp plugins undoubtedly add value to small and medium websites that are in a cost cutting mode to invest on customer care. These plugins if used optimally can act as a good customer relationship management software. Analyse the options of all the plugins and choose wisely as to which plugin can serve your purpose in a better way.