How to share a contact on WhatsApp?

It may be difficult to remember the phone number and type it in the WhatsApp message box if you want to share a contact number with someone. A contact may have email ids and multiple phone numbers.

Imagine the to and from rounds you have to make to share a contact. WhatsApp has made it really simple. You can share a big contact with multiple details in one go.

How to share a contact on WhatsApp?

Go to the phone contacts book on your smart phone

Pick a particular contact you want to share

Tap on share option

Pick WhatsApp from the multiple share mediums such as yahoo mail, Messages, Bluetooth, Messenger, etc.

Pick the contact or search for the contact you want to share

Tap on send…

How to share documents on WhatsApp?

Now, You can share documents on whatsapp
Whatsapp Allows Document Sharing

WhatsApp has tremendously improved from what it was initially available. Though it has been 10 years of its inception, the app has been growing desirable day by day.

Many features have been added to the basic app and the process of updating the app is still continuing. The Document sharing along with ‘hide muted statusbio-metric authentication, call waiting and Self-destructing messages, group invite blocking, etc. are taking the Whatsapp Reputation to another level!!

Being a chat app initially, WhatsApp has grown to be a calling app, a location sharing software, and now a document sharing app too. The makers are planning to make it a payment app too.

It is replacing mailers with its document sharing properties. It is extremely simple to share documents on WhatsApp now. you don’t need any whatsapp plugins to do this job.

How to share documents on WhatsApp?

  • Get into the contact with whom you want to share the document
  • Tap on the pin icon on the right side of the message bar
  • Tap on document, the first icon of the 6 options
  • Choose the document you want to share
  • Tap on send and that’s it.
  • Your document will be shared in seconds be it a PDF or a Word

The document sharing feature was earlier available in beta version and now it is officially available on WhatsApp with the other new features such as hide muted status, group invite blocking, self-destructing messages, call waiting etc.

You don’t need to login to your mailer and type the email address of the person to whom you want to send the email. The document sharing is much simpler in WhatsApp than Yahoo or Gmail.

How to add ‘WhatsApp share’ feature to a WordPress site?

Whatsapp plugin is the best way to add share option to a wordpress site
Whatsapp share for WordPress

Information sharing is the back bone of IT sector and it is a revolution in the past 2 decades. We cannot imagine today’s world without sharing. Digital data or web-pages are easy to share. The websites who do not have sharing as a feature lag behind. This is why young entrepreneurs want to make sure that their websites have sharing functionality. But many are unaware as to how to add ‘share’feature to WordPress sites’? WhatsApp plugin! You read that right!

Share option with WhatsApp plugins:

There are exclusive plugins for sharing functionality. However, you may not like too many plugins on a website. WhatsApp connectivity is a must for every WordPress website as WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users across the globe and targeting these customers can be driving traffic undoubtedly. As it is better to have few plugins on your site that are most required, you can opt for click to chat, the only WhatsApp plugin that has “share” functionality.

How to add share option on Click to chat, a WhatsApp plugin?

Install the click to chat plugin on your website. Go to the plugin’s dashboard. Enable the share feature and save the changes.

The ‘share’ will appear on dash board near click to chat. Click on it to set its settings.

Write a text on the pre-filled message to let your site visitors understand that that they can share that page. URL will also be sent on a share. Call to action also can be pre-filled by the user so that it appears on the share page. The share functionality can create a lot of buzz on the web-world and Google indexes every event generated. Your site visitors are free to share the pages related to your site’s products and services.

Hope this article explains about the process of adding share functionality through a WhatsApp plugin.  Is it not so simple? Let us know if you have any difficulty in adding share option by adding a comment below.