WordPress classic editor vs Gutenberg

Though Gutenberg is the default WordPress editor now, users may choose over the classic editor.
Differences between Classic Editor and Gutenberg

WordPress classic editor vs Gutenberg:

We have been using the classic editor on WordPress for years. When there is a new product, it is a natural tendency to compare it with the previous one. So, apparently there is a curiosity and people start comparing the two products and so do we. WordPress’s classic editor irrespective of its usefulness was very popular as it existed for years. WordPress Gutenberg editor is a new bee trying to create a buzz in the market. Though it’s a new one, many techno-aspirants have tried and certified it as a better one than the previous one. Many people are skeptical about accepting a new product. Let us differentiate between the two and clear the air!

Since we already knew the Classic Editor as the best WordPress editor, let us first know about the later.

Gutenberg Editor:

Users breathe a fresh breeze when they start using this editor. Writing dynamics dramatically improve and this is an apparent feeling across users. Creating a page or post or anything else has become a cake-walk with Gutenberg. The drag and drop action has radically improved its performance while it is extremely mobile responsive. Multiple blocks will shift accordingly with a block placed on a post or a page. If you are the one who customizes blocks, it benefits you when converted into a reusable block. This helps in reusing the very same customized blocks to future posts without having to create a new block time and again.

As we had a brief about Gutenberg, let’s get into the differences now!

Interfaces are different:

The drag and drop system prevalent is the Gutenberg becomes the main difference between the classic editor, considered as the best WordPress editor in previous years. The editor also allows the user to break the text segments to play explore different image placement methods. Creating images with Gutenberg to enhance the appeal of the posts is a good idea.

Content creation:

Content creation has a difference either. Gutenberg has an exciting and engaging framework in comparison to the classic editor. The former one with a simple has nothing to divert the user. The classic editor of WordPress has a canvas in black color and is complex in terms of usage when dealing with shortcodes, embeds, pictures, elements, etc. The new editor looks like an extension of the previous one. There is an assortment of blocks that make the user get a novel experience with an elegant appeal.


Creating an element, shortcodes or embeds, etc. is simple in Gutenberg blocks. Its properties are hassle-free and don’t require much of plugins. These blocks perform huge tasks by expending only a little amount of time. Let us check a few other points about Classic editor vs Gutenberg.

Gutenberg has assisting functionalities such as drag and drop tools

Content can be custom made with the help of discreet elements

High-resolution pictures can be added to the posts

The Gutenberg WordPress editor’s functionalities and codes may be affected by the back-end issues of some plugins.

Since we are used to the previous one, this seems hard in learning and may take little more time to learn.

Write pads are different when it comes to Classic editor vs Gutenberg. You can have all new experience in editing as it moves the content to a block-based method

The block editor is a newly added feather to create a variation to enable the user to have a new editing experience.

Gutenberg has replaced the Classic Editor now in being the default editor of WordPress. However, getting used to the new version is not at all necessary. It is because those who are fondly acquainted with the previous version can continue with the same. The users still have s a right to opt for WordPress classic editor through a plugin even after the Gutenberg became the WordPress’ default editor.

Since Gutenberg is highly vulnerable for compatibility errors and lack of accessibility, many want to use it but along with our traditional editor. It is the users’ choice after all in choosing the best WordPress editor. If you have used both, do let us know in the comments section below which one do you like the most!