How to add ‘Recent posts’ on Twenty-twenty theme?

20 20 theme allows to display the recent posts on the home page
Recent posts display

Irrespective of how qualitative your content is, it is of no use if it goes out of sight. Though content is considered as the king of SEO, its visibility is important. Even if you keep posting regular content in timely intervals, it needs huge marketing to reach the masses. Keeping the marketing aside, at least the website should display the recent posts as a column on the site.

Many beginners think that the posts need to be posted on the home page regularly. However, it is not so. There is a setting in your theme’s customization to display the recent posts in whichever page you want the content to show up.

Since Twenty-twenty is the newest default theme on the WordPress, let us find out how to add the recent posts display feature to your site.

Dashboard – appearance – Customization – Home page Settings – Your latest posts – Publish

Other way through widgets:

Dashboard – Appearance – Customization – Widgets – Select Footer 1 or 2 to display recent posts – Add a widget – Recent posts – Set the number of posts to show – Publish

Preview the changes as your recent posts start displaying on the home page. If there are no posts yet, you will not see anyone. Make sure you add few posts before you preview the changes.

How to add search bar to a WordPress website on 20 20 theme?

Just like search engines help users in finding the necessary stuff with the relevant keywords, a search bar of a website helps its visitors in finding the required things on a website. It is not an exaggeration to say that every website requires a search bar. When a search bar is that important, let us find out, how to install a search bar on a wordpress website!

How to add a search bar on your website?

There are three different methods of adding a search bar to a website.

  • From the widget panel
  • Through a plugin

From the widget panel: The first method through which you can add a search bar to your site is through the widget panel in your site’s dashboard.

Tap on Appearance — Widgets — Search widget — Add widget — Set a title

You will find the search widget on the sidebar of your site.

Through a plugin:

We all know that plugins make our lives simple without having to go for complicated coding. You can also add a search widget through a plugin and need no technical knowledge to do this task.

This is also an automated method. You won’t need coding or technical knowledge at all.

  • Go to Plugins > Add NewIvory Search — Install — Activate — Settings — Select posts and pages on which search bar should appear — Save Form

Ivory Search Plugin: Ivory Search is an advanced search plugin designed for WordPress that allows to create unlimited new search forms in a customized manner.

They can be configured to perform different types of searches for different types of content. Users can display the search bars on different areas of a web-page such as header, footer, sidebar, menus, pages, posts, etc.

Search bar forms crucial part of a web-page on varieties of websites from e-commerce to blog sites to search for products, pages and posts of a site.

How to integrate Facebook messenger on WordPress websites?

facebook messenger adds a chatbot on your wordpress website.
Facebook messenger on wordpress websites

We all know that Facebook is not just a network of friends any more. Although it makes friends possible, there are lot more than just friends and their network. It has whopping 2.45 billion users across the globe and how can it just remain an online chitchat corner. The technology has made it possible to take business to the clients’ door step and that is through Facebook. Where there are people, take your business there.

Facebook has been adding new feathers to its cap every now and then to remain unmatched. Messenger has definitely been a value adding element to it. Since businesses have reached clients through mobiles, facebook messenger can be an exponential platform to reach clients. Many chatbots have been developed exclusively for facebook and messenger stands top of them. We all use messenger on mobiles but let us see how we can integrate facebook messenger on a wordpress website.

Whenever someone contacts a site admin on facebook messenger, an event is generated both as a lead and a contact. If facebook pixel is installed on a website, the site admin can know the conversion rate of the leads and contacts into sales. The event generated not only helps in analysis but also helps driving traffic due to the user engagement. So, this is multi-fold benefit.

We have exclusive wordpress plugins for this job!

Go to the wordpress plugin repository and type chatbot in the search box

The first plugin you find is the WP-Chatbot by Mobile Monkey, the most popular plugin in the lot.

Click on install now to install the plugin on your website

Then activate the installed plugin

How to remove “Just another WordPress site” on Twenty-Twenty theme?

customize your wordpress site's tagline by removing the default one
Remove WordPress default tagline

While struggling with the new website customizing, there are some things that make the beginners insane and “Just another WordPress site” is one such thing.  Irrespective of how beautiful the website is decorated, this one phrase spoils the entire ambience.

However, it is not a difficult task to get rid of this. This is set by default and appears on all those sites which are not customized.

Let us see how we can get rid of this annoying phrase on brand new websites:

Login to your site — Dashboard– Appearance — Customize — Site Identity – Tagline  — Remove the default tag line “Just another WordPress site” and fill it with a custom tag line.  

You also have an option not to put anything as a tag line. Just remove it.

Save the changes and click on pre-view to find the new change on your site. You will be thrilled for not finding the phrase that bothered you so far!

How to change a WordPress site’s tagline in Twenty-twenty theme?

It is pretty simple to change a website's tagline on 20 20 theme
Tagline specifies the nature of the website

WordPress has launched its new default theme Twenty-twenty to replace the most loved theme Twenty-Nineteen. The new theme is apparently updated and user-friendly than the earlier version.

With every version of the theme Twenty-? the features are getting better in the process of its customization nullifying the struggles of developing a website.

The twenty-twenty theme makes it possible to change the site logo, tagline, Favicon and back ground color all at once on the same page.

We have curated the necessary articles that teach about customization of Twenty-twenty theme on WordPress. We know how important is the tag line for any website as it describes about the business in a few phrases. Tag line gives a brief introduction to the kind of products or services offered on the website. So, let us see we can change the tag line of a WordPress website.

Appearance –> Customize –> Site Identity –> Write your own phrase on ‘Tag Line’ –> Publish and Preview

remove the 'just another wordpress site'and fill your own tagline
Customize the text for a tagline

The tag line starts appearing on the website. Isn’t it so easy? The twenty-twenty theme is pretty simple in customizing and hence it is widely accepted even in its beta-version. Now that it is officially launched, we hope that this article helps in learning the customization of the theme.

How to upload an image on a WordPress site and get it’s URL?

Add images or share them with image URLs on WordPress
Image URL allows you to share the image

You might have seen a couple of friends adding their image URLs from WordPress. You too want to add some but wondering “how”! so, this article is just for you!!

You may often need the URL of an image you publish on WordPress site. It may happen when you need to add this URL on twitter or Facebook. Or you can add your personal image as WhatsApp icon on your website through a WhatsApp plugin

How to add a new image to your WordPress site’s media?

Go to your WordPress site’s dashboard!

Click Media –> Tap on Library –> Add New –> Drop files to upload / Select files

You will find the new picture added to your WordPress site’s media library.

How to get the URL of an image on WordPress sites?

Go to the media library. Click on the thumb nail of the said image. This click will lead you to the image’s page in WordPress media library.

URL of the image
Link at the bottom right side

You will find a link adjacent to ‘copy link’ box and that is the URL of the image you need to share with others.

Isn’t that pretty easy? Now, go ahead and post your image as WhatsApp icon of your website!!

WhatsApp plugin adds group chat on WordPress websites

Adding whatsapp group chat on wordpress website is a plugin's job!
Whatsapp group chat

The popular statement “Man is a social animal” is proven as humans always want to live in societies. The same psychology resonates when customers want to join a group on your website. However, if you don’t allow them to form a group, they may lose the trust factor in your brand. But it is not too difficult to create a group chat for your clients. A WhatsApp plugin can add group chat on WordPress websites.

Not every WhatsApp plugin can add a group chat feature.

The only WhatsApp plugin with share option is Click to chat, a renowned software to add WhatsApp connectivity for WordPress and so is the group chat.

Clients feel secure when they are in a group. So, make it available for the users by installing the click to chat on your WordPress website.

Now, let us see how one can add a group chat feature to WordPress websites!

How to add group chat to WordPress websites with a WhatsApp plugin?

Install the click to chat plugin from the WordPress repository and activate it by adding your WhatsApp no to it in the settings page of the plugin. Once the plugin is added, it will appear under the plugins section of the dashboard.

Tap on click to chat

Tick the Enable Group box

a simple whatsapp plugin can add group chat feature to a wordpress website
Enabling group chat

Add WhatsApp group ID retrieved from the settings page from the WhatsApp interface

Save changes after the group id is added and a group is formed.

Add the group id by retrieving from whatsapp settings page and enjoy the group chat feature
Group chat enabled

Add a pre-filled text of your choice and enjoy group chat feature inclusive of WhatsApp on your WordPress site. It has unlimited sharing options as well.

With this you can stay together with the client community at the convenience of staying away. If you still have any difficulty using this feature, get into the ‘read more’ section besides every element of the click to chat interface and it will easily guide you with user-friendly instructions. Click to chat is the only WhatsApp plugin to have the group chat feature at the convenience of having WhatsApp on your WordPress website.

How to add ‘WhatsApp share’ feature to a WordPress site?

Whatsapp plugin is the best way to add share option to a wordpress site
Whatsapp share for WordPress

Information sharing is the back bone of IT sector and it is a revolution in the past 2 decades. We cannot imagine today’s world without sharing. Digital data or web-pages are easy to share. The websites who do not have sharing as a feature lag behind. This is why young entrepreneurs want to make sure that their websites have sharing functionality. But many are unaware as to how to add ‘share’feature to WordPress sites’? WhatsApp plugin! You read that right!

Share option with WhatsApp plugins:

There are exclusive plugins for sharing functionality. However, you may not like too many plugins on a website. WhatsApp connectivity is a must for every WordPress website as WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users across the globe and targeting these customers can be driving traffic undoubtedly. As it is better to have few plugins on your site that are most required, you can opt for click to chat, the only WhatsApp plugin that has “share” functionality.

How to add share option on Click to chat, a WhatsApp plugin?

Install the click to chat plugin on your website. Go to the plugin’s dashboard. Enable the share feature and save the changes.

The ‘share’ will appear on dash board near click to chat. Click on it to set its settings.

Write a text on the pre-filled message to let your site visitors understand that that they can share that page. URL will also be sent on a share. Call to action also can be pre-filled by the user so that it appears on the share page. The share functionality can create a lot of buzz on the web-world and Google indexes every event generated. Your site visitors are free to share the pages related to your site’s products and services.

Hope this article explains about the process of adding share functionality through a WhatsApp plugin.  Is it not so simple? Let us know if you have any difficulty in adding share option by adding a comment below.

Click to chat, the best free WhatsApp plugin for WordPress

the best of free whatsapp plugins is click to chat
This is the face of the free whatsapp plugin

WhatsApp is leading the chat apps with 1.5 billion users across the globe. The app extended its functionalities for business community and has created the business version for small and medium websites to use it as a customer care. There are many free WhatsApp plugin s that are exclusively designed to create WhatsApp connectivity to WordPress websites. 

To engage customers and to generate leads, any site admin would need a customer care platform. Since the traditional customer care system needs a big investment, start-ups and small and medium websites need a free venue for getting in touch with their customers. Therefore, the WhatsApp connectivity for WordPress sites forms that venue to keep the customers engaged. 

We have already written about “how to add WhatsApp connectivity to WordPress websites” and the best plugins for free WhatsApp connectivity. This article is about the best plugin in this lot with highest installations and reviews. This is in detail about the CLICK TO CHAT, the top plugin on the WordPress repository. 

Click to Chat, a free whatsapp plugin:

Click to Chat, the renowned free whatsapp plugin directs your site visitors to WhatsApp app if they are operating from a mobile and to WhatsApp web page if they ping the site admins from a desktop! The plugin lets the site visitors to set a WhatsApp icon anywhere on the site in 9 different styles and each of it are customizable again. The users are free to add a pre-filled text as they wish in the process of starting a chat with the customer. Click to chat sets the whatsapp icon to match with the installed theme on the website.

Chatting and group chatting are the prominent features to set the engagement activities on a website. The exclusive feature that this plugin has and no other whatsapp plugin has is “share”. Users can share a page with their friends and families. There are some share plugins that take care of the sharing feature but click to chat being a whatsapp plugin does sharing exceptionally easy. The software has above one lakh active installations owing to its easy interface and no other plugin has such a capacity in this category. It even makes the job easy for a person who is not technically sound.

Features of the free WhatsApp plugin:

Display Styles of the icon:

  • You can choose between 9 display styles that are pre-configured and each of the style is customizable.
  • Users can place a whatsapp icon to match with the themes of a site that keep changing constantly to stay ahead in this competitive world. 
  • Users can set their own image or a GIF instead of the ordinary WhatsApp icon. 

Fixing the icon:

Users are absolutely free to fix the whatsapp icon anywhere on the website. This is the only plugin having an option to set the icon anywhere. No other whatsapp plugins have this feature.

Floating and Fixed positions:

 There is no restriction to display the icon for a particular number of times. It is the users’ choice.

Change the icon’s position with easy to do pixels

Chat, Group Chat and Share:

The users can choose between various options to stay in touch with the admin through just one free plugin.

Users can chat, group chat or share the products or pages across their friends and families. Three of the features can be used at a time.

 Chat feature:

 Add your WhatsApp number in the settings page and chat feature will be enabled on your website.

Group Chat feature:

Add the group id in the settings page by copying it from the “invite via link” of the ‘group info’ to enable group chat feature. Group admins can only make this setting.

Group Info –> Copy Group ID from the link –> Invite via Link –> Group Info –> WhatsApp Group

This is how the user have to capture the whatsapp group id if the group chat option has to be enabled on click to chat, the free whatsapp plugin
Retrieve the Group Id like this

Paste it in the settings page.


can share a page with their friends and families. The receiver will be able to see the product name and URL of the page in the prefilled text on the settings page.

Pre-filled Messages:

Clients may be hesitant to initiate a chat. A pre-filled message is a prompting text that helps the customer initiate a chat. Admin can fix his as per his/her choice.

 Retrieves the product name and page URL of the clicked page

WhatsApp icon:

 Simple place holder set-up with the title of the product and URL

Hide the icon:

This feature enables the user to show or hide the whatsapp icon on any page of the wordpress website.  

You can hide or show the whatsapp icon on the basis of the post ID, Categories, post type, Device type etc.

The icon disappears after the business hours if it is pre-set.

Short Codes:

Simplified short codes for setting up the whatsapp connectivity

Short codes simplify the process of making the icon appear in line with the content.

 Change the necessary style, number, group id, etc with the help of added attributes to the short codes

Call to action:

Set call to actions on the multiple buttons on the site

 Set Call to actions on all the 9 styles

The call to actions appear on the hovering of the mouse

Google Analytics:

The free WhatsApp plugin is a set of customer care, marketing and Google analytics

Analyze the site’s numbers to get detailed reports of how the site is performing

An event gets generated whenever there is a click, like or share

Type of action, URL, category are inclusive of the detailed report

Facebook analytics:

Facebook analytics if installed on your site can get amazing reports with click to chat free whatsapp plugin.

 With every click or a like or a share, the plugin generates an event

Get regular analysis reports of the site’s performance

List of Styles:

Style 1: The whatsapp icon matches with the site’s theme. The user can add a custom call to action on the bar that changes its color as per the theme installed on the site.

Style 2: A WhatsApp icon covered by a green square! Size can also be set according to choice

Style 3: The traditional WhatsApp icon and its size can be customized too

Style 4: A traditional WhatsApp icon on a cylindrical bar whose colours can be changed according to the theme

Style 5: Sport a personal picture or an image as per your choice. On hovering on the icon, a message box with a call to action will be displayed.

Style 6: A simple plain text with a customizable call to action turns into a link when clicked on it. When hovered, it shows an underline or change its colour

Style 7: WhatsApp icon covered in a square or a circular border. The border radius can be made big or small

Style 8: A call to action on a button! Customize the call to action and its color as well.

Style 99: Set your own picture image or a GIF

Hope this article puts light on this amazing whatsapp chat plugin for wordpress. This has an extended proversion that has yet so many other features. Explore the free plugin and let us know what you opine about it!!

Contact Form 7, the top contact form plugin in the lot

The best free contact form plugin is the contact form 7
Contact Form 7

You must have seen a form on many websites you visited that asks for your details such as phone number, email, etc. That form is nothing but a contact form, our subject of explanation today! A contact form 7 or another one is a small questionnaire available on a website! Typically, site visitors fill the form and it immediately reaches the site admin once the form is filled. Site-admins want these forms to gather information about their prospective clients. They may seek feedback from the clients or answer the clients’ questions or explain about the site’s products of services.

Advantages of using a contact form:

Prevents spam:

 It is always safe to use ‘mail to tag’ than using a contact form as these forms are taken care of by the servers. Spammers can’t easily manipulate with a contact form.


a site admin receives an email through a contact form, it can be considered as reliable information.

Defined information:

You don’t need extra information or less information. A contact form allows the site representative gather the exact information needed.

Stay organized:

Client information can be kept organized without a mess up. It becomes a valid source of clients’ contact information.

Since our previous articles were explaining ‘how to add a contact form to your wordpress website’ and ‘5 best contact form plugins for wordpress’, we would like to bring in front of you the best plugin in the lot. The plugin that tops the chart is undoubtedly contact form 7. Let us get the best details about the free plugin!

Contact form 7:

Contact Form 7 can handle multiple forms for various purposes. Additionally, site admins can customize the content of the forms and mail them.  The form supports CAPTCHA, Akismet, a apam filter and Ajax-powered submitting as its interesting features. Majority of the WordPress websites are powered by the plugin and is still going gaga with 5 million plus installations! It has short codes to choose between the multiple forms that are available. There are myriad of extensions for the plugin that makes it even more desirable. The plugin has equipped its users with detailed information in the frequently asked questions segment on the plugin page of the WordPress repository.

How to install the plugin on a website?

Sign in to your website and reach the dashboard

Tap on Plugins > Add New > Search for Contact Form 7 in the Word-press repository

Tap on ‘Install’ and then tap on ‘Activate’ to activate the plugin on your website.

Finally, the form appears as in the following picture!

The form is visible on contact us page. You can customize the inputs by making changes in the setting page and also choose between the types of forms available! Is it not pretty user friendly? Not only we but 5 millions site admins behind those websites feel the same.

Contact forms add trustworthiness and authenticity to a website. The site visitor who visits the site can be assured that there is a point of contact between the admin and the user. The user can notify the admin about any issue he/she is facing on the site or place a query about a product or a service pertaining to the site. Plugins always eliminate the coding business for a mere user who does not have any technical knowledge. They are ready to install and create the said utility instantly without spending on huge money on web development coding. Contact form 7 has proved that it is a decently performing plugin and the number of downloads of this plugin speak volumes about its utility.

Any website should have some must have plugins on it and Contact form 7 is undoubtedly one among them. Whats app has extended its reach to business communities as well to stay available with clients. There are free whats app plugins such as click to chat that keep the customers engaged and informed. In such an era, it is essential to install a contact form plugin on a website to stay in touch with the customers. Please feed us with your comments and suggestions on this article as we thrive on your inputs.