Sample – 1

WP-Shapes is the WordPress plugin build based on CSS Shapes. In general cotent will wrap to the image in square/rectangle shapes. WP-Shapes plugins make the content to wrap to the image size on one side. Before the CSS Shapes concept this kind of images we may seen in books. Now in the web we can see the content is wrapped with the image size. this makes content, image looks awesome. When we started this  project all browsers are not supporting the CSS Shapes, so we got less active users. thats make us not continued the development well. but we like this concept, project very well. We plan to look in to this again. Thank you for checking in to WP-Shapes. In this first image, just added the shortcode to get the image. There are multiple shortcode attributes are there to adjust the image height,width. In this second image adjusted the image width to 300px. for more information about the shorcode, please refer the shortcodes documentation. Here images are added using shortcode. below the shortcodes list that how this image are added. If you have any queries please contact us.

First image shortcode

[shape id=65 class="img-80"]

Second image – shortcode

[shape id=65  width="300px" class="img-80"]