Broadcast for Chatfuel

Broadcast Block helps your bot to send messages now or schedule them for later.

Broadcast functionality allows help you to reach out of your audience.

By using Broadcast block, you can message to your users by sending them broadcasts within 24 hours of their last interaction with your Bot.

And can also send only one additional message after this 24 hour period in order to follow up on your conversation.

Click on “Broadcast” block.

Broadcast for Chatfuel

Deliver Your Message Now

To deliver your message now then add the text in “Deliver Your Message Now” field.

Now, click on the “Subscription” button to choose the type of message.

Next, click on “Send” to deliver your message now.

Broadcast for Chatfuel

Add A Trigger:

To send repeated content, daily as the user subscribes from RSS feedback, then add the text in “Add A Trigger“.

When a button is activated to “On“, a trigger is generated 1 minute after first interaction.

Broadcast for Chatfuel

Schedule For Later

To delay your message then add the text in “Schedule For Later“.

When a button is activated to “On“, a schedule is set for later to send your message.

Broadcast for Chatfuel

Autopost From External Sources

Select a source from a social network account, an RSS feed, or a Google Sheet, etc – and add the text in “Autopost From External Sources“.

The content from the specified source will automatically be sent to your users, as a part of this broadcast.

Broadcast for Chatfuel

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