How to add videos to WordPress site?

Before learning how to add videos to WordPress, it is necessary to understand why to add videos to any site. Stats would stumble upon you if you say why is it required to add a video. Video marketing is staggering the global web-users these days. The professionals after analyzing numbers opine that approximately 80 % of people are watching videos at some point of time during their day. It is not exaggerating to say that people spend their time watching videos than any other activity on the internet. Since videos have more marketability than other platforms, it is essential to add videos to WordPress sites to enhance the reach of your site’s products or services.

Video marketing is staggering the global web-users these days.
Add videos to WordPress

How are videos helpful

Suppose you sell software or a gadget through your site! If you add YouTube video to WordPress as to how it works, you are making your product privileged as the prospective buyers would understand how it works. Or if you are installing any Whatsapp plugin say CLICK TO CHAT, how does it help to add a video of the plugin? If the makers of this plugin can add a video narrating the process of installing the plugin or about the advantages of it, doesn’t it help the plugin in boosting its sale?

How to add a video

So, let’s learn how to add a video to WordPress manually to benefit from this video advantage. Don’t worry as it is not a tedious task! Or you don’t need a plugin to add videos to your site. The Webhosting platform WordPress has nifty video integration which simplifies the task.

It is advantageous to add videos to YouTube first for the following reasons:

  • Since YouTube is a huge platform to host millions of videos, it handles your videos bandwidth issues itself. Your site may not be configured to match with the video’s bandwidth.
  • Videos are made in different formats. Every format may not be compatible with your site. However, YouTube is designed to handle various formats of videos and hence there are no breakdown issues.
  • YouTube has farther reach in comparison to your website. Posting a video on YouTube is itself a marketing. Embed YouTube video in WordPress to complete the rest half of the marketing to promote your products or services.

Due to the above-cited reasons, it is taken for granted that your YouTube channel got the video uploaded in the first place.

Copy the link from YouTube and paste it in the browser address bar.


Right-click on the video and click on the video URL. Look at the highlighted portion in the screenshot below. You will see a link.

Go to the dashboard and click on PAGES. Then click on ADD NEW as you want to add a video to it.

Add New

Start editing the post that is, adding a title, tags, categories, content, the SEO procedures etc. currently, we have Gutenberg editor for editing purposes. You can add a video in two different ways. Use a Gutenberg’s video block for adding a video or you can inline a video.

Video block:

Copy the video URL from YouTube. Place the cursor on the page and a + sign appears. Click on the + and you will find VIDEO option. Click on it. Paste it on the box given for URL and click on APPLY. Your video will be uploaded on the site.

Inline video:

  • The link will disappear immediately as WordPress changes the URL into video preview.
  • As part of the next job, align the video and, YouTube link to be edited, video to be duplicated and delete the video from the specifications of Gutenberg. You can even add a caption at this place.
  • Choose the exact size. Customize the video with the help of additional CSS class.
  • Now you can preview the video before it goes published. You will understand how it embeds. It may look different from theme to theme. Don’t get puzzled!  


Now you can preview the video before it goes published. You will understand how it embeds. It may look different from theme to theme. Don’t get puzzled!  

Isn’t it simple to embed YouTube video in WordPress? t is as simple as this! A fifth-grade student can also upload a video which is no difficult task. But experts suggest hiring a professional service to do this job. Apart from just posting a video, professionals can draw the traffic from YouTube channels, manage the bandwidth constraints, improve search rankings due to the activity or you can generate some ad revenue with professionals’ help.

As stated earlier, video content sells highly in comparison to picture content and written content. After all it takes less time than other mediums and informs a lot. However, making a video may not be a very simple task unless one has the proper tools. So, keep adding videos to WordPress sites in an appealing way.

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