Online website support for WordPress sites need the best means of communication

Customers can make or break your business!! This might be a common stuff we have been hearing from ages. But what this literally means is only understood by those who have lost their businesses due to a lack of retaining skills. Acquiring the customer base is an extremely difficult task for any business. It takes years to establish a client base. If acquiring a customer base is the first crucial task, retaining them is an equally important mission. If we analyze the site analytics, the bounce rate keeps intimidating the site admins. One of the main reasons for the high bounce rate can be attributed to the lack of customer support. If your business demands the clients to expect online support website admins have to maintain an online support system to keep their customers engaged.

Customers can make or break a business. Online website support can help make your business!
Online website support for your site

Attending customer queries or answering the messages section below the content posted pages is essential in business building. You never know a potential query answered properly may convert into a sale. After-sale support is essential too to increase the retention rate. Let us check out what the means of communication are. Contact web customers in a way that is easy for the clients and to the admins as well.

1. WhatsApp chat:

WhatsApp chat has been the phenomenal method of staying in touch with customers of late. We all know how popular WhatsApp has become these days as a method of staying connected with friends, family, and acquaintances. Web-owners lately realized that this can-do wonders for online sites too. Software programmers have been making interesting plugins incorporating WhatsApp concept in them.

Example for WhatsApp plugins:

Click to chat is a free WhatsApp plugin for WordPress. By installing this plugin, you can have WhatsApp on your site. In fact, you can have as many icons as you want on the multiple pages of your site. You can also fix the icon on the place you want it to be. That is on the header or footer or on the left side or the right side of the site. You can hide the icon or display it as per the time you want it to be hidden or revealed. The plugin offers chat, group chat or share option as its functionalities. The support representatives appear on a WhatsApp chat with a single click on the icon of any page. The whopping one lakh plus installations of this plugin speaks volumes of how important WhatsApp is on websites too. This is the highest activated plugins in this genre and enables the site owners to contact the web customers easily.

2. Emails:

Since every small to big business runs with an email communication system, this can be used as a potential source to connect with your genuine customers. However, acquiring email ids of customers becomes a headache when customers do not fill the forms and expect to be contacted automatically. Emails offer good analytics data. The automated email system reduces time and money.

3. Customer support:

Our traditional customer support system works amazingly for any website to offer support. Clients also invest their trust in sites that offer support through their representatives. However, it is expensive as it needs CRM (Customer Relationship Management) equipment, trained personnel to work on the CRMs and personnel to manage the support representatives. Tedious, expensive and needs a huge infrastructure including space in comparison to WhatsApp plugins for WordPress.

4. Social media:

Social media networks like twitter and Instagram are doing wonders for marketing. However, they are being used as support platforms these days. Facebook and Instagram offer a live chat for website support thereby attracting customers through social media platforms.

We have learned about the major online support website s, in general, are using popularly. Out of all, WhatsApp chat support has entered the support domain after all the other three but its propagation rate is on the multitude. It is because of its ease of use, popularity, economic and lastly it needs no big infrastructure. If you have tried all of them, do let us know which is your favorite. Use the comments section below to let us know your option as we do our business basing on our clients’ incredible feedback.

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