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Quick replies have revolutionized business dynamics through whats app business accounts!
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WhatsApp Business is a smart app launched by our very own WhatsApp in view with the small and medium websites. The WhatsApp people have loaded the business version with exclusive features that are apt for business websites. It is apparent that features such as quick replies, greeting messages, etc. are not inclusive in the traditional version. The new version permits the users to create an authentic business profile where you can include the entire business information. Since Whatsapp plugins such as click to chat and click are based on WhatsApp messaging for WordPress websites, the business versions add value to the sites through these plugins.

Quick replies, greeting messages and away messages are the business-friendly features on WhatsApp business account to simplify the client networking goals. Just as the conventional app has catapulted the information technology domain, the business account erases the barriers of communication between the web owners and web visitors. In my attempt to write about the above mentioned three features, I would first touch the Quick replies segment.

How do quick replies work?

Business accounts may face the same queries and questions from their customers. Queries such as “Is there a discount on the price?” or about a “Payment Mode” are very frequent. It is not necessary to type the entire reply again as the replies are also the same as the questions. The WhatsApp business account facilitates the users with shortcuts for such frequently asked questions. By writing a small code in a single or a double lettered word the answer is gone to the customer. You can have n number of shortcuts for the innumerable queries.

How to create quick replies?

Open Whatsapp Business App–> Go to Settings–> Business Settings–>Quick Replies

You will find a + symbol at the bottom of the screen. You will find three options!

Message, ShortCut, and Keywords (Optional)

Type the needed content such as “Payment is accepted through credit and debit cards” in the message segment.

You can even add a picture or a video to let the users know that this shortcut is about payment.

In the shortcut segment, you can add a shortcut to the above purpose such as /Payment…

You can add keywords in the third segment to boost your SEO ratings!

How to access quick replies?

Enter (Slash) / before writing your WhatsApp message!

You will get to see all the quick replies you have created earlier.

You need not copy, cut or paste the whole message every time.

Isn’t that quite easy to text your customers? Just as WhatsApp has revolutionized the users’messaging behavior, the business accounts’quick replies have made it easy to write professional texts.

Boost your sales with Quick replies:

Be adept and prompt in messaging your clients using the other features of the app. Meanwhile, the discussed feature can alone boost the sales of your website or can generate more leads. A business account and that too shortcuts in replying to the bombarding routine questions can do wonders for your website. Install the app and do let us know how are you doing with it!

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