Use Page Builder Plugins to create a webpage easily!

We have heard of house building or image building! But many WordPress beginners might wonder what it takes to build a page! Yes! It’s not a mere page! It’s your website!! It needs utmost creativity and diligence to craft a website. You may not be your website builder all the time as professionals do the job for you. Majority of the web developers use WordPress page builder plugins to simplify their job so that they can use their time in being more creative.


We have some amazing plugins in the market for enabling beginners to create a website on their own. Not to wonder, you read that right. Some curious beginners inquire about landing page builders or home page creators but there is nothing as such. A simple website builder does build both the landing page and other pages of a website. Installing a wise plugin on the website empowers the users in constructing a site with necessary add-ons. When WordPress issues a basic website with a couple of pages, these constructive plugins help create a frame for the site.

Free and premium building plugins are available in the web market. To make it easy for you, we are listing a few names of page building plugins. We want our readers to try a few website builders both free and pro versions.


This is the top plugin in the arena having free and premium versions to its credit. Manu users rate it as a plugin with one of the fastest interfaces. Loading pages and live editing jobs can be done on an instant note along with added features such as gradient backgrounds, headline designs, animations, etc. You can export or import templates apart from the existing templates library.  Elementor allows other plugins to be added to bring up the necessary features and makes it possible to create a website for free.


This WordPress page builder feeds website creators with enormous hue that you can’t stop yourself from being creative. This plugin too has a free and premium product. The drag and drop feature of Beaver allows thorough clean up. Its visual builder and template library are on par with top-rated page building WordPress plugins and pick amazing themes from the inbuilt sources.


Divi allows other plugins to poise while it is working restlessly to enhance the overall demeanor of the website. Features like controlled custom CSS, responsive editing, saving and managing designs in a slot, etc. buy the plugin additional advantages. It comprises of numerous WordPress plugins and themes. Elegant themes crafted this plugin and is a premium version WordPress page builder. Log in after getting into the below link and you will be able to buy the premium plugin.

As stated earlier, we want you to try these simple website builders, at least the free versions and let us know how they perform. With your feedback, we will be able to understand user feedback and research more.

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