5 best contact form plugins for WordPress

Myriad of contact form plugins and so are their functionalities!
Each contact form plugin has a unique functionality

WordPress has made it easy to overcome the hurdles of web designing with the introduction of plugins. The thousands of plugins in its repository make living with WordPress simple. Multiple software with unique features and functionalities in each of them make the process of building a website easy. Cache plugins, security plugins, WhatsApp chat plugins, content shaping plugins, chat bots, SEO plugins, contact us form plugins and many more. Each of the segment is important and so is its functionality. Since we wrote about ‘How to add a contact form to your WordPress website? ’in the previous article, we are getting flooded with questions on listing the best contact form plugins.

So, here are we listing some amazing contact form plugins for all those users who have been requesting us.

Contact form 7:

The Contact form 7 stands tall in the domain with active installations more than any of their counterparts have in the contact forms segment. This software is undoubtedly the most used and hence the best one in the market. At the least, 5 million websites have installed the plugin to be available to their site visitors. It creates a user-friendly contact form in a simple procedure. It is an absolutely free plugin.

Features of the plugin:

  • Builds multiple contact forms on any number of pages
  • Easy management of multiple forms
  • Simple customization of the contact us page design
  • Easy insertion on any page with a short code by copying it
  • Easy mark up to change the content in mails
  • Aksimet friendly in spam filtering, captcha and Ajax submitting
  • Unlimited third-party extensions for added functionalities

How many of you have explored this plugin so far! Many of you isn’t it? As this is a popular plugin, many of might you have already tried it. Please feed us back on this!

WP Forms:

The makers claim it to be the most powerful and easy Contact us form builder.  The contact form 7 and WP forms differ in functionalities though both of them are form builders. The former use short codes to insert the form on a page and the later use drag and drop system to build a form. Since it also has millions of installations, we can understand that it is the most liked plugin after the contact form 7. Let us go through its unique features.

  • Drag and drop contact form builder
  • Pre-build form templates are available
  • Time saving design
  • Mobile friendly version
  • Responsive in nature for mobiles as well as desktops
  • Uses smart conditional logic to build forms
  • Organizes the leads for streamlining work
  • Easy collection of payments through
  • Makes various kinds of forms such as billing forms, contact us forms, subscription forms, etc.
  • Easy insertion of forms on your site’s posts and pages
  • Protection against spam by preventing wrongful submissions

Ninja Forms:  

Ninja forms is yet another amazing form building software that uses the drag and drop technique. They claim to build easy and beautiful forms like a pro. It doesn’t require you to be a person with technical knowledge. Coding skills are also not demanded if you use this plugin. You can create easy and difficult forms like never before. This is an example to show how WordPress plugins have simplified web designing without having to go for coding.


  • Apt for beginners without technical knowledge
  • Users can upload files or export submissions of excel sheets and PDF documents.
  • Send an email through a contact us form
  • Forms can be used to accept payments, subscription, donations, etc.
  • Sign up and lead generation forms can be used for multi-purposes as you can grow mailing lists and generate new leads

They are working on crafting the plugin to make it possible to finish more tasks using this amazing plugin. We can only understand the benefit of a product only when we use it. Many reviews for the product speak volumes of the adulation users have shown towards this plugin.

Formidable Forms Builder for WordPress:

Formidable Forms claims to be the best forms builder to assist you in getting more things done in less time. Be it an easy contact form or a huge form with multiple pages in it inclusive of calculations and logic, Formidable forms take care of it all. It is not just WordPress forms but the plugin also converts your digital data into graphs. This plugin also works on drag and drop system. It has to its credit multiple features and let us go through them to more about the software.

  • Styles the contact forms to match with your site’s theme
  • Varieties of forms and templates can be built such as contact us forms, bill forms, payment forms, calculators, WooCommerce forms etc.
  • Single click installation of about 30 + add-ons  
  • Converts entries into directories, listings or calendars and front-end content
  • Easy to customize HTML with 125 + hooks
  • Protection against spam in a stealthy mode
  • Automatic form filling is a simple task for the plugin

There are yet some features but the listed are the crucial ones available in the plugin.

Since there are multiple plugins in the same segment, few of them must be sharing some common features but ultimately, the web developers make sure that each of the plugin has a unique functionality. If you are using any other contact form plugins, just let us know about your experience so we can help other users in this connect. Please drop us a message!!

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