Bot Cloning in ManyChat

Clone is the easy way to link accounts to your bot’s.

Duplicates the chatbot and assign the same features to another page.

Cloning is the way to transfer your content to another page, the data can be accessed by both the chatbots.

Bot Cloning

Settings -> Clone to Another Bot

Click “Clone This Bot”

Bot Cloning in ManyChat

Select the another page to clone the bot and click on “Clone” 

While Cloning all the features can be cloned except the growth tools.

Bot Cloning in ManyChat

Now, it’s all set for cloning the bot to another page.

Click “Clone Now”

Bot Cloning in ManyChat

Your bot is cloned successfully to another page. Can view the cloned bot by clicking on “Go To This Bot”

Bot Cloning in ManyChat

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