How to remove “Powered by WordPress” on Twenty-Twenty theme?

Delete "powered by WordPress while customizing 20 20 theme
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While customizing Twenty-Twenty theme, you may find a rigid phrase “Powered by WordPress”.  You may feel clueless to remove it and many keep tolerating it finding no option to remove it from the site.

Though it seems difficult to be removed, it can be removed easily. Let us see how we can remove the phrase while customizing the 20-20 theme.

This is a bit of coding job.  But you don’t need to be a developer to perform this task. Experts suggest webmasters to take a backup before modifying the Cascade Style Sheet (CSS).

Take a backup of your site before you go for this change.

Once the backup is taken, right click on “Powered by WordPress” on the site and click on inspect on the extreme bottom.

Half of the page displays bits of codes that seem to be Greek and Latin to non-technical people. But don’t worry. You don’t have to do much!

Just find the class name for “Powered by WordPress” element in Twenty-Twenty theme.

Copy it and paste it in the Additional CSS. The code phrase will be like as following:

publish the changes and the phrase is immediately removed.

Click on Publish and that’s it! Look at the preview and you will not find it anymore on the footer of your site. It’s all gone…….

There is yet another method to remove this “powered by WordPress” phase. However, this is not a recommended one as it is risky.

People those who are not developers themselves are suggested to take a backup before performing this task.

<p class="powered-by-wordpress">
<a href="<?php echo esc_url( __( '', 'twentytwenty' ) ); ?>">
<?php _e( 'Powered by WordPress', 'twentytwenty' ); ?>
</p><!-- .powered-by-wordpress -->

Go to Appearance – Theme Editor – Footer PhP – Select the entire element and delete it. Look out for the code given below to be deleted.

Update the file and that’s it. The annoying phrase is removed just like that!