What are WordPress shortcodes?

Sense of comfort has been the main motto behind huge technical inventions. We cannot imagine getting up for a little walk to increase the television volume after the remote controls have barged into human lives. This would be an amazing example of WordPress shortcodes. Be it WordPress or a television, users want a sense of comfort in every aspect. These are tiny code bits that enable you to perform an array of tasks with very little effort.

WordPress 2.5 has been the first venue of these tiny codes to help people perform the common tasks easily without having to go for code writing business. When it comes to incorporating a few elements on web pages or posts, a programmer needs to write code. Shortcodes help fulfilling the task directly. You can embed videos, files or create elements of a post without writing complicated code. A simple code replaces a big task.


We are quoting an example of Click to chat WhatsApp plugin for WordPress. This amazing plugin has many shortcodes to change the way the WhatsApp icon is displayed among its 9 styles or the position where the icon should be displayed on the site etc.

The below shortcode is to display the green WhatsApp icon right adjacent to the CLICK TO CHAT name on its page.

Shortcode : [ht-ctc-chat]

Plugins have inbuilt wordpress shortcodes
Shortcodes for CLICK TO CHAT plugin

Shortcode with attributes of style and position:

[ht-ctc-chat style=1 position=fixed top=20% right=60%]

Shortcode enabled looks like this
WordPress Shortcode enabled on a page

Apart from being in the plugins such as click to chat shortcodes and WooCommerce shortcodes, these tiny code bits are inclusive by default in WordPress. Tasks that can be performed using these shortcodes are part of the plugin’s functionalities if they are part of the plugin as shown in the above example. For WordPress built-ins, shortcoding can be done for galleries, videos, audio, embed, etc.

WooCommerce shortcodes or WordPress shortcodes, these code snippets simplify the process of adding features to WordPress pages. Users can directly add HTML dynamically into the post. This avoids coding language which is Greek and Latin to many web users as they are not developers themselves.  

Do remember to let us know how you liked the article. We wait for your feedback when you add shortcodes with Gutenberg editor.

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