WordPress plugins! Wonder what they are?

Many budding entrepreneurs who own a website want to add that ‘X-Factor’ to drive traffic to their site. They keep adding functionalities by paying huge money to the developers. But how many of you know that you can add valuable additives to your sites without paying whopping amounts to your developers. Plugins! Yes, plugins do the job for you sometimes free of cost or at least half or quarter the price you pay to the professionals. Before we get deep knowledge about the WordPress plugins, first, let’s understand the fundamental concept of what plugins are?

WordPress plugins are code packages adding value to the fundamental functionalities of WordPress. PHP coding, Javascript... are used to make these plugins!
WordPress Plugins

What are plugins?

They are big to small code packages adding value to the fundamental functionalities of WordPress. PHP coding, Javascript, images etc are used to make these plugins. To simplify things to the beginners, we use apps for mobiles to add to the core functionalities of mobiles. Similarly, we use plugins for WordPress sites. There are many enthusiasts who develop their own sites using WordPress tutorials. Similarly, plugins also can be made. However, it may require knowledge of coding.

Pro plugins:

We have both free and paid plugins available in the market. Most of the free plugins have their sequels in the paid form. However, pro-versions have extended functionalities and added features in comparison to their free counterparts. In fact, they are designed in a way that users can set attributes to suit their needs. They add value to your sites more than what WordPress actually offers!

I hope this article has given proper insights into the WordPress plugins! Do let us know about your feedback in the comments section! We feed on your suggestions!

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