WordPress org vs com! Do you know what the difference is?

New bees in the web-developing domain must be wondering what actually is the mess-up with WordPress org vs com is! The difference lies just with the hosting platform of your website! wordpress.com does the hosting job for your site whereas wordpress.org allows you to host your own site.  You can find free software to download, install and operate on your website at wordpress.org. On the contrary, you don’t have to download any software in wordpress.com

The difference between WordPress org vs com lies just with the hosting platform of your website! it is rather your own server vs shared server!
WordPress org vs com

wordpress.org vs wordpress.com

You can set up a website or a blog powered by WordPress hosted by wp.com. You can have your own server when it comes to.org but software has to be downloaded.

WordPress.com requires an account and sign-up to create a blog or a website. wordpress.org requires an exclusive hosting account to create a website.

.com is a ready to use platform and you can set up a website as less as in a few minutes. On the other hand, the majority of the hosts of .org provide installation at a single click if you are unable to install WordPress yourself.

Get a hosted site absolutely free! However, the users may have to pay for additional upgrades to experience the utility of added functionalities. Open source development in .org has made it possible to avail free WordPress software. However, WordPress levies monthly or annual hosting charges in .org.

wordpress.com users cannot access databases and files as one can do it in wordpress.org.

Uploading themes is not possible in wordpress.com. However, the platform furnishes a library of free and pro themes as part of the free hosting. WordPress.com offers paid plans as well for site extensions and they offer more functionalities in comparison to free plans. WordPress.org allows you to upload free, premium, and custom themes to your site. You can add your own themes too.

WordPress.com gives only a sub-domain to its users under the free plan arena. If users want a custom domain name, they have to take out their wallets. wordpress.org empowers users with custom domain names for URLs of your site. This also can be stated as one main WordPress com and org difference.

Merits and demerits of WordPress org vs com:

WordPress.com WordPress.org
Merits: 1. It’s absolutely free hosting service and good for beginners.

Merits: 1. Better consistency and flexibility empowers .org users.

2. Its ease of use in setting up has garnered it huge attention.

2. Users get the privilege of having their own domain name.

3. Many options are available to customize websites

3. Uploading themes and plugins is pretty much possible leading to better functionality.

Demerits:1. WordPress.com will be inclusive by default.

Demerits: 1. Self-hosting is a greater responsibility when compared to .com.

2. Uploading themes and plugins is neither possible nor modifying the PHP codes.  

2. Beginners may find it expensive in the initial stage of their start-up

3. Users need to opt for paid plans to get an exclusive domain name. Videos and premium themes can also be uploaded only by paying.

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