Best Social Media Management tools – Schedule, Analytics, inbox, reports, monitor keywords, shares

Best Social Media Management tools to maintain all your Social Media Accounts, For small to Big Business, Agencies

There is no proper monopoly in Social Media Site, of-course one have more use base then other. The popularity of Social Media sites vary based on Age, Gender, Region, Occupation and some other factor. Some are popular for Making Friends, and some are for Fan Followers

Young people spend most of time in some site, and 35+ age people spend on some other site. Film Industry, Sports followers spend on some site.

As an Entrepreneurs you should not fix to one social media site. your Company must focus on multiple social Media Sites. You have to play smart. You should no go all your social sites for posting, for reading comments, giving reply, or to view Analytics.

Connect all your Social sites to one Social Media Management tool, and make the thing Easy.

Social Media Management tools

What social Media Management tools Do

Helps to Maintain Multiple Social sites , Multiple Accounts of Social Sites from Single Dashboard

Take action at one place and make it happen in all places, view all your social sites data from one one place

Create post in one place and make your social media Manager to post on all you Social Sites

View All your Social Sites Analytics from one place. ..

Advantages of using Social Media Management tools

create, schedule, draft – post

Read, reply to Message / Comments / Chat

Analytics / Insights

Monitor Shares

Monitor Hashtags

Monitor Ads on Social Media Sites

URL Shortener

Create Teams to manage Social Media Manager

Here is the list of some popular Social Media Management tools.


Hootsuite is one of the most popular Social Media Manager,

With The Free plan you can manage up to 3 Social Profiles and comes with basic Analytics, and community support.

Hootsuite connects to over 35 popular Social sites

Some of the popular Social sites Hootsuite supports are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Some of the Feature Includes – Schedule post,  Analytics, Monitoring, Team Management, Content curation

Hootsuite link Shortener domain names –,,,

Useful Hootsuite links

Hootsuite pricing

Hootsuite integrations – App Directory



Buffer is one of the easy way to get started, Very easy to schedule the posts.

With Free plan, can manage up to 3 social profiles.

Some of the popular Social sites buffer supports are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, pinterest.

Some of the feature buffer provides – Schedule post, Analytics, Team Management, Managing Messages, Buffer pablo

Buffer pablo a free tools which helps to create images for multiple social media post, Buffer pablo provides some free images, even it grabs some CC0 images from some of the popular images directory.

buffer link Shortener domain names –

Some Useful Buffer Links

Buffer Pricing

buffer integrations  – buffer extra

Buffer business

Buffer reply

Agora pulse

Agora pulse is already a popular Social Media Manager. Still We are expecting as it will reach to new levels.

If you are an individual user who like to manage your social sites – Agorapulse may seems like expensive – Agorapulse starting price is $49 for up to 3 social profiles.

If you are in business might be small team or a large team, have an agency Agorapluse is the best choose.

I personally like Agorapluse User Interface

Some of the Agorapluse Features are – Schedule post, Team Management, Message, Analytics, Monitoring shares, Monitoring Hashtags and more..

Some of the popular Social sites Agoraplus supports are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube.

Free Social Media Management tools for min 3 social profiles

Social Management Tools for Small, large Teams

Some more list


If you are just concentration on posting alone, there are so many free tools  available, even this tools does great job. The above list is not just for only posting, its does some other great things.

Suggestions / Hacks

Using Automation Tools – IFTTT, zapier. Automate the tasks to post on Social Sites when you published a new Web page.

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