Google Analytics for Click to Chat for WhatsApp Plugin

Google Analytics for Click to Chat for WhatsApp Plugin, using Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager ( GTM ) have some Advantages, instead of directly hard-coded Google Analytics Scripts.

Using GTM it’s completely in your control. You can set your desired Event Tracking parameters. ( Category , Action , Label )

From Version 1.6 – can enable Google Analytics directly from Plugin Settings. ( This will work even Google Analytics installed using GTM )


Google Analytics is installed using Google Tag Manager

 Install Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager

Useful stuff

Useful stuff to create events

All the styles contains “ctc-analytics” class name to track clicks

To get the style name, for all the styles added a data attribute
like – data-style=”style-{{number}}”
e.g. – data-style=”style-3″

track events - thumbnail

Create an Event When user Clicks on Chat Item

Enable Build in Click Variables

From Google Tag Manager Container

enable build in variables

Click on “Variables” from the left side menu

and at “Built in Variables” click on “Configure

click events

From the right side modal – at the Clicks select the click variables what needed. ( only one thing is important here is  – “Click Classes” )

Create User-Defined Variables, to find data attribute value – ( To get the style number )

( This is not an important step – this will be useful to get the clicked style number, In most cases if you added a floating style – you know what style is added, so what the use to get the style number, but in case if you added shortcodes or A/B testing , this will be useful ) 

To find which Style item is clicked, This plugins adds a data attribute with the style name – data-style=”style-{{number}}” 

For Floating Styles – data-style=”style-3″

We will create a User-Defined Variable, to find the data attribute value

new user defined variables

From “Variables” and at “User Defined Variables” click on “New

select data layer variable

Click on “Variable Configuration” area

and then select “Data Layer Variable

And at the “Data Layer Variable Name

Enter this  “ – this will give the style type. 

Click on “Save

Create Triggers

Now we will create triggers where and when to fire ..

new trigger

From the Right side menu – click on “Triggers” and click on “New

select all elements

And then Click on “Trigger Configuration” area

and at the “Click” section, select “All Elements

Now click on “Some Clicks”  ( we are tracking on clicks, where the clicked element contains “ctc-analytics” class )

and create a condition when to run this trigger

Click Classes”  –  “Contains”  –  “ctc-analytics

and click on “Save

Create Tags

so far, we enabled click variables, and we created a trigger and set a condition where to fire the trigger

And now we will create a Tag – In this we will Configure what the details have to pass to Google Analytics Account.

create tag

Click on “Tags” and then click on “New

create tag

Click on “Tag Configuration” area

and select “Universal Analytics – Google Analytics

( If you using Classic Analytics – ga.js –  select that option, mostly you might be using Universal Analytics only )


Select the “Track Type” as “Event

The “Event Tracking Parameters” is what you will get in Google Analytics, 

( The [ + ] symbol right to the input box to choose Variables )

The Event tracking is hierarchy, Category and then Action and then label

( organised thing in a way how you will understand the events in Google Analytics –  we just added a sample )

Category  –  top level hierarchy (  WhatsApp or  click to Chat or similar )

Action  – second level hierarchy – (  on which style item, or similar )

To find which style item is clicked – click on the [ + ] symbol right to the input box to choose variable   ( In the above – we already created a variable to get the style number )

Label  –  Third level hierarchy  –  (  Page URL  – on which page the user takes action ) 

Now Select the Trigger, where this tag have to run ( In the above – we already created trigger to fire – when click element class contains ctc-analytics )

Save changes,

( preview – for verification on how things works, open your website in new tab in the same browser, we can preview how things are working. After preview click on leave preview ) and then “Submit

create version - publish

Publish and Create Version” to publish changes to your website

or navigate to “Create Version” tab to just save the change

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