How to change the background color on Twenty-twenty theme?

Change the background color on twenty twenty theme easily
Twenty-Twenty theme

It is essential to modify your website once in a while to give it a new appeal and to break the monotony. However, it was a job of coding earlier. But WordPress brings in new themes in regular intervals with advanced features.

Twenty-twenty is the new default theme replacing Twenty nineteen. The color settings of this new theme are inclusive of:

  • Background color (it has a cream color in default)
  • White color as a default color for both the header and footer backgrounds
  • Primary default color is pink

WordPress has set its new theme in a way that the elements’ color on the site is calculated on the basis of the back ground colors automatically. With this, the admin can make sure that the site has a high color contrast enough that the users be able to read them.

How to change back ground colors on a WordPress website:

It has become very simple to customize the new theme. Adding a logo, Favicon or site icon, tagline, Changing background color, etc are all a layman’s job here after.

Appearance –> Customize –> Colors –> Background Color –> Publish

Changing the appearance
Select the appropriate color that can match the concept of your website and publish it.
Select color and publish

Just down the lane, you can change the back ground colors of header and footer and publish to preview the changes you have made on the site. No coding business absolutely!