How to Install/Setup Facebook Pixel

To create a Business Manager Account

Enter the URL – “

Click “Create Account

While creating your Business Manager Account, you need to specify your business name.

Click “Continue

Create your business profile by providing the name and email address that you would like to use for your Business Manager.

Click “Finish

Create a Facebook pixel.

Click “Create a Pixel

Now create a Facebook pixel, by setting up a pixel name.

Facebook receives information from your websites such as page views and button clicks, which helps you to build more effective adds.

Click “Create

After completing all the steps, a Facebook pixel is created.

Now you’re almost done and can setup your Facebook pixel by placing the pixel code in your website header.

Click “View Setup Instructions

Select a method to setup your Facebook pixel.

Select “Manually install the code yourself

Copy and paste the entire pixel code at the bottom of the header section,just above the </head> tag. 

Click “Continue

Process to setup pixel code in your website.

Dashboard -> Apperanace -> Editor

Theme Files -> Theme Header

Position to Place the Code:

insert your pixel code here

When the theme plugin is updated the pixel code will be erased.

Make sure that you create a child theme to copy the pixel code.

Click “Update File

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