New WhatsApp features has group invite blocking

Protect your privacy by adding group invite blocking on whatsapp
Group Invite Blocking

WhatsApp releases new features in regular intervals to add the desirability quotient to the app. There is a buzz that it has in store some interesting features.

All of a sudden, a new group evolves in your WhatsApp including you in the group! One of your friends might just include you in the group as FRIENDS don’t need permission!!

Not to mention about the erratic messages that pop on new groups for a couple of months and the eccentricity slowly subsides!

Especially if the group members belong to various time zones, hell is no where else. You will be sleeping and some of the group members will be chatting as they belong to a different time zone.

You may find it ridiculous to know that some of the people in that group are not even in your contacts list.

Why this new WhatsApp feature is added?

Popping up messages with annoying noises disturb you to the core! An awkward situation where you can not say ‘no’ to them and can’t bear them either. Then, this is exactly for you!

The social messaging biggie understood this and added a new feather in its cap to fix the issue!

Group invite blocking is this all new WhatsApp feature besides the ‘hide muted status, call waiting, Bio-Metric Authentication, Document Sharing and Self-destructing messages!! The cross-platform messaging and VoIP are in collaboration for this.

Uses of group invite blocking:

WhatsApp users or admins won’t be able to add you in their groups here after. Each one of your friends on your contact list can be stopped from adding you to a group.

You can even choose to allow everyone to add you to groups. It is not mandatory to use group invite blocking and is just an added feature. 

Earlier, the only way of stopping of ‘being added’ was to blocking the group admins. It may be a rude way of telling that “I am not interested in joining your group”.

Now, there is a diplomatic way!!

Despite preventing everyone from adding you in a group, your friends may still send you a private link to join that takes 3 days or 72 hours to expire. This must be enough time to contemplate on joining the group or not.

How to avail the new WhatsApp feature:

Go to Settings –> Account –> Privacy –> Groups

You will find three options once you click on Groups

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • My contacts except….

Choose anyone of them and click on done. If you click on “my contacts except”, you will get your contact list and you can block anyone from the list whom you think can join you in a group and disturb you.

You can stop every one from adding you in a group with the first option with a simple setting on the app. you don’t need a master mind or a whatsapp plugin to perform this task for you.

You can stop your contacts from adding you in a group with the second one.

The new WhatsApp feature allows you to choose people from your contacts list to prevent them from adding you in a group with the third option. If you click the third option, the contacts list will be in front of you and choose people whom you want to block.

When the blocked people try to add you in a group, the get a notification that “couldn’t add XXXXXXX. You can invite them privately to join this group.

Due to the group invite blocking, majority of the people restrict themselves from asking you privately to add you in a group if they are not close to you.

Close people anyway can get your permission. Isn’t this a smart way of keeping people away who bother you killing your time.

Activate this feature on your WhatsApp and enjoy your privacy!