Shortcode Attributes

By default shortcodes get values what’s given in options page ( settings page of this plugin in admin ), we can override that using attributes Overall Attributes – supports most of the styles num  – ( to change the number ) val   –  ( to change the display text for – style-1, style-2, style-4, style-8 …

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Basic shortcode Attributes To Change Style use style attribute WhatsApp us To change number, instead of using default one use num attribute To change the height for style-3  use height attribute To change display text value use val attribute can add multiple attributes within a shortcode Let's chat To add/ change the pre-filled text  ( since …

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Floating Style

Floating Styles are stay at one position in a screen. even if the Web page scrolls. By default, the positions are set to bottom-right corner, 10px to bottom and 10px to right. To change the floating position add CSS units as suffix after the numeric value  – px, %, rem, em .. e.g. adding values in …

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