List of Styles


Appears as Theme Button


Plain Link


WhatsApp chat



WhatsApp chatWhatsApp us

Image + Text ( chip Style )




Icon With Round Border


Icon With Box Border


Button style (Icon, Text )

Style – 9

WhatsApp chat

Image in Green square

Style – 99 – own image / GIF

WhatsApp chat

Own Image / GIF

9 thoughts on “List of Styles”

  1. This plugin is not displaying any styles using iframes

    Have a Great Day,
    Thank you

  2. Hi. I would like to know if this great plugin saves any personal data or uses any cookie. Thanks

    1. plugin is not store any of your data,

      And the plugin is not making you to collect any of your user data, but if you enable Analytics( Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics ) features from plugin settings, those analytics tools may collect some data. like, create an event when user clicks on styles … some similar things.

  3. can you choose to use the plug-in (or display button) based on device type? E.g. only on mobile? Thank you

    1. Hi,

      at plugins settings – Style for Desktops, Style for Mobile Devices – we can choose “hide” the last option.

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