A simple CLICK on an icon on your site will land your customers on a WhatsApp chat or a WhatsApp group chat.

Mobile phones: Navigates to WhatsApp App.
Desktop or other non-mobile gadgets: A web WhatsApp page (web.whatsapp.com) appears to enable the users to chat directly from a web browser.
This  plugin Detects the Device based on HTTP User-Agent ( Android, IOS, .. )

We owe each of the users of CLICK TO CHAT for making it one of the highest activated plugins on the WordPress platform.

A user-friendly plugin:

  • Install the plugin from the WordPress plugins segment and add your WhatsApp number or WhatsApp business number in its settings page.
  • If you want the customers on a WhatsApp group, click on WhatsApp group invite/chat add WhatsApp group id.
  • Your customers can share your product or service page in his/her WhatsApp

Explore the new features of the updated version of the plugin:


  • WhatsApp Chat
  • WhatsApp Group Chat
  • WhatsApp Share
  • Eight pre-configured Styles
  • Customize the display icon by adding an image of your choice or a GIF
  • Fix the icon position to the screen where ever you want
  • Conceal or reveal the icon on selected pages
  • Pre-filled Message with Page URL and title
  • GIF/Animated image as the icon display picture
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Shortcodes


Shortcodes can be used in multiple areas with varied attributes to add value to the plugin.

  • Shortcodes – Change the number, style, and position, pre-filled message, call to action, hide on devices
  • Shortcodes support WhatsApp Chat, WhatsApp Group Chat, and Share

Seven Styles + OWN IMAGE

  • Style1: Appears as Theme Button
  • Style2: A simple Whatsapp icon
  • Style3: A simple WhatsApp Icon
  • Style4: Text+image/icon in a cylindrical bar(Chip style)
  • Style5: Image that shows a content box when hovered
  • Style6: plain text with a link
  • Style7: Icon with Padding
  • Style8: Rectangular box with Call To Action and Image
  • Style99: An image of the user’s choice, animated image or GIF can be displayed.

Pre-Filled Message:
Help your clients initiate a chat by filling a chat invitation text in the pre-filled message section. Add PLACEHOLDERS(URL, title) on the settings page to get the information about the URL of the page the customer is clicking from and also about the title of the product the customer is looking at.

You can set the hiding and showing options of the icon on your site’s pages. By default, the icon will be shown on the webpages. Checking the boxes will hide and show the icon accordingly.

Download Plugin

Download plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/click-to-chat-for-whatsapp/