Style-99-own-Image / GIF

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Style-99 – own Image / GIF ( since version 1.5 )

At Plugin Settings ( Click to Chat  -> Customize Styles )

Please remove the default added image URL and add the new Image URL.

For Better result add the Image With perfect Size, Instead of changing the image width, height from plugin settings

i..e. If you plan to make your image size 100 x 100 PX width, height, can add the image with that size instead of adding large image and changing the image size.

If need to change the image Width or Height from plugin settings, recommended to change only one value – Width or Height ( best to add Height alone and leave Width proportion to Height – it will adjust automatically )

For Mobile Devices have to add separate / same image URL

Can Add GIF Images – may not good to add in all pages as user may get distraction. instead add on specific pages using shortcodes

continue image ..

style 99 - continue

If plan to change Height, Width add suffix with CSS Units. ( e.g.  100px )

some suggestions like ..

Where to host Image

* Can Add image in your WordPress Media Uploads and get the URL

* From AWS S3, including CDN – CloudFront

so many Image Hosting sites are there.

Where to Get Images

We just added some list, We are responsible on how to use the image, please read there license policy on how to use.

WhatsApp Brand – Official Site




GIPHY  – GIF Images

( can find so many image with license of no attribution is required )




Create Images / Editor – online



some of this sites can work as image hosting sites also, so can load images directly from there server