Version 1.7

Improved plugin performance (Reduced plugin size), and fixed some issues. Style-4 Style-4 code is simplified. ( previously used MaterializeCSS, now rewritten without using any additional frameworks ). Style-8 Simplified Style-1 A new style-1 is created since Version 1.7, It’s a default theme button, which looks the same as the currently activated Theme’s button on your …

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FaceBook Analytics for Click to Chat Plugin

If Facebook Analytics is installed on your website, when the user clicks on any style it will create an event in Facebook Analytics. Click to Chat plugin won’t install the Facebook Analytics. One of the simple plugin to install Facebook Analytics on WordPress Website. To Enable this feature, check ‘Facebook Analytics’ option at “Click to Chat” plugin settings  …

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autop issue

While adding shortcodes,  We expect the result to be inline to that content, But in some cases we find that WordPress adds autop to the previous content. so the shortcode output will display in new line. to fix this issue for shortcodes, add inline_issue attribute inline_issue=”true” this attribute will make the previous shortcode content with …

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App First

This plugin Detect’s the Device based on HTTP User Agent i..e Android, IOS .. If User Access Website from Mobile Device ( Android, IOS .. ). WhatsApp Mobile App will Open ( If WhatsApp is Installed ). If User Access From Desktop – WhatsApp Web page will open to start chat from browser itself. But …

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Style-99 – own Image / GIF – shortcode

( since version 1.5 ) Shortcode Attributes s99_img_height_desktop  –  To Change the Image Height  for Desktop devices s99_img_width_desktop  –  To change the image Width for Desktop devices s99_img_height_mobile  –  To Change the Image Height for Mobile devices s99_img_width_mobile  –  To Change the Image Height for Mobile devices s99_desktop_img  –  Image URL to display on Desktop devices s99_mobile_img  …

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Animations on Page load  –  Run Animation when the page is loaded / refreshed. If “no-animation” is selected, animations are not enabled. Animations on hover  –  If Yes  – Run animations when mouse hover on the WhatsApp style ( This Hover Animation type is the animation what set for Animation on page load ) It …

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  WhatsApp logo – green square Style – 9 – Customization, from plugin settings Click to Chat -> Customize Styles