Shortcode – Group Chat

only need to add this attributes – to make styles navigate to Group Chat invite  ( num attribute is not needed )


type  –  ( group_chat  or any thing ) to make the link navigate to group chat then add attribute (  type=group_chat ),

If default value changed to group_chat in setting page,  then to make the link navigate to private chat room then add attribute type=chat

or type=anything-other-then-group_chat

group_id  – to change the  group chat id

[chat style=4 type=group_chat val='Hello Shop' ]
WhatsApp chatHello Shop


By default it will get group-id from admin setting page to change it
add attribute ‘group_id
[chat style=4 type=group_chat group_id='9EHLsEsOeJk6AVtE8AvXiA' val='Discount group' ]
WhatsApp chatDiscount group