Add pre-filled Message

Add pre-filled message,

From Plugin Settings ( “Click to Chat”  – “Initial Message” field )

here pre-filled message added  ‘ sales team:’

so this pre-filled message returns in WhatsApp chat box.

For style-1, it return both pre-filled message + user entered text.


[chat style=1  text="for testing style-1: "]
WhatsApp chat


Add Web page URL in pre-filled message

( since version 1. 5 )

In the Initial text filled, add any text as pre-filled text in WhatsApp chat box.

To add the page URL in the pre-filled message – add {{url}} placeholder

{{url}} ( open double curl braces and then ‘url’ and then close double curl braces )

the {{url}} placeholder will be replaced with the Web page URL.

Can add {{url}} placeholder at any place


{{url}}: Hello, How are you

Hello, I am planning to buy this plan – {{url}}

{{url}} will be replaced with the Web page URL