Select Styles

There are eight styles and a style to add own image

For Desktop and Mobile Devices, style are same

but we can choose different style for each device.

( Images )

style – 99 – own Image / GIF ( since version 1.5 )

style — 1

input field

user can enter text and click on submit it will navigate to WhatApp with the text entered in that field

style — 2

plain link

link settings also similar to your theme link settings ( a tag )

because some time we need to add links with in content, and that links have to match the content and other links, so we just left like that

plain link

style — 3

it just a WhatApp logo

can change the height

WhatsApp logo
WhatsApp logo

style — 4

logo + text

simply called chip

chip style
chip style

style — 5


can change size, color

Style — 6

icon with circle border

can change size, color

Style — 7

icon with box border

can change size, color

Style — 8

button with text, icon

can change width, color

Style – 99 – own Image / GIF

Your own Image or GIF

If style – 99 is selected – Add Image URL at Plugin Settings page

( Click to Chat -> Customize styles —  Style-99 own Image )

Different styles for Desktop, Mobile Devices

Can change different styles for Desktops, Mobile devices.

Hide styles based on Device

can Hide on one device and display on other device

by Selecting the last option ‘Hide on Desktop Device’ , it Hide the floating style in Desktop devices.

or at ‘style for Mobile Devices’ can select ‘Hide on Mobile Devices’.

Shortcode Attributes