Pre-filled Message / Initial Text

If return type is ‘Chat’, WhatsApp will navigate to WhatsApp Chat page.

In order to enable the user to start the conversation, You can pre-fill some text, to make your visitors easy to start the chat and when user clicks on style to chat, the pre-filled message will automatically placed in WhatsApp chat – text field.


{{url}}   –   to add the Web page URL

WooCommerce, in a single product page that can replace the initial text, ( It this  WooCommerce plugin options page in order to load the WooCommerce option page just check the ‘Enable WooCommerce options‘  )

More Placeholders  ( Beta Feature )

This placeholders won’t work, with shortcodes.  If Shortcode is added, this placeholder value become empty.

{{path}}, {{hostname}}, {{origin}}


{{path}}      –  hello-world

{{hostname}}    –

{{origin}}    –

For Shortcodes:

e.g:  in a page –

{{hostname}}  –

{{hostname}}, how are you   –  return the hostname as empty, final return value is   how are you