Style-6 – Shortcode

[click style=6]

WhatsApp us whatsapp

Attributes Specific to Style-6

s6_text – To change the text.

s6_text_color – To change the text color.

s6_background_color – To change the Background color.

Other Attributes

num – ( to change the number )
style – ( E.g. style=1 – right now there are 7 styles
position  –  (To change the position )
E.g. position=fixed  – to add fixed position style,  any  CSS positions
top  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
right  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2%)
bottom  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
left  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )

Sample Example:

To change the number – Use num attribute

To change text, text color and background color

[click style=6 s6_text="Chat to our Sales Team" s6_text_color="#041c1c" s6_background_color="#81d742"]
Chat to our Sales Team whatsapp

To change the Group ID ( Set return_type to group_chat )

[click style=6 return_type="group_chat" s6_text_color="#8c8419" s6_background_color="#20e491" group_id="DuEZlyOo94A1QirOX42zKr" s6_text="Fashion Club"]
Fashion Club whatsapp

To make the style look at the fixed position on the screen – This style appears at the bottom right of this page.

[click style=6 position=fixed; bottom=10px right=10px]
WhatsApp us whatsapp

No background color

[click style=6 s6_text_color="#7656e0" s6_background_color="" s6_text="WhatsApp Us"]
WhatsApp Us whatsapp