New Interface

Sooner we are planning to release a new pro plugin with much more features. ( its an addon for Click to Chat plugin ).
Once build, will share the plugin with all existing customer and release to sell.

HoliThemes Click – WordPress plugin for WhatsApp

Add your own Style


High Performance

Download and Test this plugin, on your WebSite
( changing number field is not included in this Test Drive )


We just launched our first premium product, in case any mistakes understand us, and for any question, suggestion please message us, We are happy to talk to you

Emai: support@holithemes.com
or WhatsApp us

Thank you, In Advanced.


WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp Share

Add your own style ( if null default styles are set, out of the box we are planning to create samples )

Initial text / pre-filled Message ( can create separate Message for WooCommerce Single product page )

Placeholders for Initial text ( e.g. like, {{url}} will return current page url, {{product}} will return the product name for WooCommerce Single product page.

Floating style can position at any place on screen
( At any pixel, not limited to fixed positions )

Shortcodes  – Customize the shortcode name

Shot codes – with inline content, floating style, Widget Area

Can Choose Different Styles based on Device Type

Hide Styles based on Post type, Post ID, Categories, Device Type.

Create your own style ( default styles are included for each block, out of the box we will create some sample styles / code – easy to implement  ) – This way we can build unique style.

Five Style-block ( 2 Add own Image Style, 2 Custom HTML Style, 1 inline SVG image ). Default styles are included for each block.

WooCommerce – pre-filled text, can get product title if page is WooCommerce single product page.

Can create Separate pre-filled text for WooCommerce Single product page

In WooCommerce Single product page – Add Styles in multiple positions like – Before Main content, After the ‘Add to Cart’ button, before product summary, After product summary

Zero request feature

Working on to add new features

Google Analytics


more Placeholder for initial text

For add your own Style – planning to create samples

We want to here from you, please give valuable suggestion on how to improve,  add features.

When user Clicks on any style

If Web Page loads from Mobile Device, and if WhatsApp app is Installed, it will navigate to WhatsApp Mobile App.

If Web Page loads from Desktop,  It will navigate to WhatsApp web page in browser

Device Detection

To identify what style have to display ( for better performance ), this  plugin Detects Devices based on HTTP User Agent ( Android, IOS, .. ).

And for return type – WhatsApp Chat, Group Chat, Share – plugin default detects device based on HTTP User Agent, but can change to Device Screen Size.