If the return type is ‘Share’.

When the user clicks on any of the styles, it will navigate to Whatsapp and the user can select the contacts to share the text.

The text in this “share text” will appear in the WhatsApp chat window


Add these placeholders in the parameter values, this will be replaced with the values based on the current post, where click action took place.

{{title}} – Replaces with Post Title

{{url}} – Replaces with Current Webpage URL.

{{product}} – If WooCommerce single Product page replaces with the Product name

Using Shortcodes

If the attribute of the return type is ‘share’,

[click return_type=share share_text="Check out this awesome page {{url}}" s6_text="share this page" style=6]

share this page whatsapp

Attributes Specific to WhatsApp Share

return_type – To specify the attribute of the return type.

share_text - Add the text to be shared.