Style-7 – Shortcode

style-7 is not well suited to add within the content, but there is a shortcode. Please check-in test websites before adding in production sites.

This vertical bar will stay to the right side of shortcode added place, with in that content block

If added in a widget, with in that widget area, appear to the right side where shortcode is added. .

[click style=7]
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Attributes Specific to Style-7

s7_text – To change the text.

s7_text_color – To change the text color.

s7_text_color_hover – To change the color of text hover.

s7_background_color – To change the Background color.

s7_background_color_hover – To change the color of Background on hover.

s7_border_color – To change the Background color.

s7_border_color_hover – To change the color of border on hover.

Other Attributes

num – To change the number 
style – ( e.g. style=1 – right now there are 8 styles )
text – To add Pre-filled text.
( E.g.  text= “To the sales team:” )
position  –  To change the position 
E.g. position=fixed  – to add fixed position style,  any  CSS positions
top  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
right  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2%)
bottom  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
left  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )

Sample Example:

To Change the text, text color hover, background color and background color hover.

[click style=7 return_type="share" share_text="Check out this Awesome Website{{url}}"  s7_text="Share this post" s7_text_color_hover="#cc3fc2" s7_background_color="#1de0d0"]
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To make the style look at the fixed position on the screen – This style appears at the middle right side of this page.

[click style=7 position=fixed bottom=50% right=0px]
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