Shortcode Attributes

By default shortcodes get values what’s given in options page ( settings page of this plugin in admin ), we can override that using attributes.

num  –  To change the number

style  –  To change the style 
( E.g. style=1   – right now there are 8 styles )

text – To add Pre-filled text.
( E.g.  text= “To the sales team:” )

position  –  (To change the position )
E.g. position=fixed  – to add fixed position style,  any  CSS positions

top  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )

right  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2%)

bottom  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )

left  –  ( E.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )

home   –   To hide shortcodes in the home page, category, archive 
( home= hide )

hide_mobile  –   Hide that shortcode on the mobile device ( since version 1.5)

hide_desktop  –   Hide that shortcode on the desktop device ( since version 1.5 )

return_type – Default return type is chat, ( share, group_chat ). To change the return type to share add return_type=share, To change the return type to group_chat add return_type=group_chat

group_id – To change the group id.
( E.g: group_id=hello )

share_text  –  By default share text will get the value from plugin settings, to change the text
( E.g: share_text=”hello friend, I want to buy this product {{url}}” )

appfirst – If any issue with cache plugin set app_first=true

Attributes Specific to styles :


s6_text – To change the text.

s6_text_color – To change the text color.

s6_background_color – To change the Background color.


s7_text – To change the text.

s7_text_color – To change the text color.

s7_text_color_hover – To change the color of text hover.

s7_background_color – To change the Background color.

s7_background_color_hover – To change the color of Background hover.

s7_border_color – To change the Background color.

s7_border_color_hover – To change the color of border on hover.


s8_img – To change the Image, Add Image URL.

s8_line_1 – To change the text in the first line.

s8_line_2 – To change the text in the second line.

s8_background_color – To change the Background color.

s8_border_color – To change the Border color.

s8_content_width – To change the width of the content.

s8_img_position – To change the position of the image.

 If style position is right to screen then select right if left to screen then select left.