Facebook Pixel for Click Plugin

If Facebook Pixel is installed on your website, when the user clicks on any style it will create an event on Facebook Pixel.

This plugin won’t install the Facebook Pixel.

To Enable this feature, check ‘Facebook Pixel’ option at “Click” plugin settings.

This plugin creates an event at Facebook Pixel.

By default, this plugin creates an event with the event type, standard event name , and three customer parameter.

  • Event Type  -> Standard Event
  • Standard Event Name -> Lead
  • Custom Parameter 1  ->  Name: Category, Value: HT Click
  • Custom Parameter 2  ->  Name: Title, Value: {{title}}
  • Custom Parameter 3  ->  Name: URL, Value: {{url}}
    {{url}}, {{title}} are placeholders


Add these placeholders in the parameter values, this will be replaced with the values based on the current post, where click action took place.

{{title}} – Replaces with Post Title

{{url}} – Replaces with Current Web page URL.

To change the event name, custom parameter name, value

Navigate from Click -> Analytics

And Can change the values at ‘Facebook Pixel’ section.