Zero Requests

Zero Request – This is not  guaranteed ,when more features are added  things may change and it depends on how you customise the style.

By default this plugin loads one JavaScript file – app.js ( file size is less then 10 Kb with out minimised or zipped ), so if minimised, zipped – it may be around 1 to 2 KB. ( or if you are using cache plugins, this file may be automatically merged / compressed with other file )

This is 1 request, if plan to reduce this request – check the “Zero Request” option.

If you check on this “Zero Requests” that app.js file content will be embedded with in the content, by this we can reduce this one request also )

In most cases if you are using cache plugins or optimising the files, this features is not needed to enable.


In style-1  – if you added image links – this may be another request. To avoid this you can add “Data URI” base64 encoding image code or in style 2, 4, 5 add SVG image code.

In Style 2, 3, 5 –  manually image links are added, it may cause another request

Some other files may be loaded, when new features are added things may change.

We are not guaranteed about this zero request feature, we will try to do the best.