since version 1.3 – can change style-1 button text.
its a build in feature.



Please download the plugin version

Created special  version – – ( which is not going to release in wordpress.org )

In this version just added a new feature – to change text in submit button

Later, after updating documents, added new thing in plugin – we will update plugin in wordpress.org,

So to use the new feature before official release please download the plugin version

please uninstall and delete the plugin previous version from your plugin dashboard , and then upload this special plugin and install.


Later after time, after next official version released in wordpress.org

uninstall and delete this  special version, and then install the new version from wordpress.org

To change the button text for style-1

In shortcode use attribute s1_btn_text


[chat style=1 s1_btn_text="send" ]


or to change the default value –

Navigate to

Click to Chat – > Customize Styles — Style-1

change “Button Text” filed value.


This special version is created, because @esteemviaggiebenessere stared a topic on how to change the button text

Thank you @esteemviaggiebenessere to make us to add a new feature