Support : How to create your own link with a pre-filled message

Since Version 1.3, can add pre-filled text from plugin settings.

( its a build in feature, so no  need to modify code )


This is reply to a message  –

Just added a temporary solution –
based on your message, i can understand you are capable to edit the code.

From Dashboard -> plugins -> Editor –
Select ‘Click to Chat for WhatsApp’ plugin

edit ‘styles.php’ ( located at ‘inc’ -> ‘commons’ -> ‘styles.php’ )

edit line number – 38, 48

edit line – 38

$redirect_a = "$num";


$redirect_a = "$num&text=ADD-YOUR-MESSAGE-HERE";


and line – 48

$redirect_a = "$num";


$redirect_a = "$num&text=ADD-YOUR-MESSAGE-HERE";

please note:
when you update the plugin, all this settings may lost,
please use this as a temporary solution.

we like to add  ‘pre-filled message’ feature in next version.

Thank you

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