PRO Features


Random Number

A random number will select each time when user clicks to chat on WhatsApp

Business Hours

Online/offline settings: change display settings, WhatsApp Number, Call to Action


Add dyanamic variables to the Webhooks settings {number}, {url}, {time}

Google Ads Conversion

Create a Google Ads Conversion When user Interacted


Schedule Display Settings

Display based on Time in a day, week, time delay, after user scroll

Page level Settings

More Page level settings, like change style, add time delay, scroll delay 

Position to Place

Fixed position to the screen or Absolute position to the body content

Login Status

Display WhatsApp Chat based on Website Visitor Login Status

Features Comparison

Features Free PRO
WhatsApp Number N N
Random Number M N
Pre filled Message N N
Web WhatsApp N N
Pre defined Styles N N
Add Any Image N N
Custom Element N N
Fixed N N
Absolute M N
Seperate Mobile, Desktop Settings ( styles, position ) N N
Display Settings (Show/Hide)
Post type N N
Device N N
Page Id N N
Category name N N
Display after Time Delay M N
Display after page Scroll M N
Display based on Website Visitor login Status
All Users N N
Logged-in only M N
Looged-out only (not logged-in) M N
Business Hours (Online/Offline)
Show/Hide on selected days in a week M N
Show/Hide on selected Time range in a day M N
Change WhatsApp number when Offline M N
Change Call to Action When Offline M N
Google Analytics N N
Facebook Pixel N N
Google Ads Convesation M N
Page Level Settings
WhatsApp Number N N
Call to Action N N
Prefilled Message N N
Style M N
Time Delay M N
Scroll Delay M N
Advance Settings
Customize Styles
Entry Effects N N
Animations N N
Group Chat
Call to Action for single product pages N N
Prefilled Message for single product pages N N
Add WhatsApp in single Product page
After Product Summary N N
Before Main Content M N
Before Product M N
Before Product Summary M N
Product Summary M N
Before Add to Cart Form M N
Before Cart Button M N
After Cart Button M N
After Add to Cart Form M N
After Product M N
Add WhatsApp at each product in Shop/archive Page


We are planning to increase the prices when the new features are added.

Refund policy

Just send an email with in 14 days of your purchase. We will provide 100% refund.

Is there any Trail Period

There is no Trail period, But you can test the plugin by purchasing any license. If you change your mind, send an email for refund with in 14 days of your purchase, we will provide 100% refund.

Can I install the plugin on Clients Websites

Yes, you can install the plugin on your website or your client websites, The website limit is based on purchased license type.  If you purchased unlimited license, can install the plugin on unlimited website

Is license counts on local hosts

URL that matches any of these will not impact on license activation count


Setup the plugin

If need some guide to setup the pluign, we are happy to take screen access and work from your system and  the setup the plugin.

Is it necessary to update Anual License

No, its not necessary to renew the license. plugin continue to work, even if the license is not renewed. To get the plugin updates you need to renew the license.

Upgrade License

Start with any license type, later we can upgrade the license from My Account page by paying the rest of the amount.

Secure Payments

All Transactions are secure and handling by payment gateways Stripe, PayPal.

Contact Us

Pre sale or Post Sale

For any queries related to the Click to Chat, Click to Chat PRO, please contact us. We are happy to give support.

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