Style-8 – Shortcode

since Version 1.4 WhatsApp us We will response as soon as possible Attributes Specific to Style-8 s8_img – To change the Image, Add Image URL. s8_line_1 – To change the text in the first line. s8_line_2 – To change the text in the second line. s8_background_color – To change the Background color. s8_border_color – To …

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Predefined Style-8

Image, When hover on image a content box will appear with animation. To change the Predefined Style for Desktop, Mobile Devices. From plugin settings (Click), Change values for “Style for Desktop”, “Style for Mobile Devices”. This plugin Detects the device based on HTTP User Agent. Select “Predefined Style-8“ Click on “Save Changes“ To Change the values of …

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Custom Styles

Using Custom Styles – can add own Image / GIF or Code. We are planning to create sample – image, custom code Five Custom Style Blocks Custom Style – 1, 3 – add Custom Code. Custom Style – 2, 4 – add own image, GIF.  Custom Style – 5  – add SVG image Code. Sometimes we may …

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Style-6 – Shortcode

WhatsApp us Attributes Specific to Style-6 s6_text – To change the text. s6_text_color – To change the text color. s6_background_color – To change the Background color. Other Attributes num – ( to change the number )style – ( E.g. style=1 – right now there are 7 styles position  –  (To change the position )E.g. position=fixed  – to add fixed position style,  any  CSS positionstop  –  ( E.g.  …

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Basic Shortcode WhatsApp us Attributes To Change Style use style attribute To change number use num attribute WhatsApp us To change the return type use return_type attribute WhatsApp us To make styles located in fixed position WhatsApp us Shortcode Attribute List

Shortcode Attributes

By default shortcodes get values what’s given in options page ( settings page of this plugin in admin ), we can override that using attributes. num  –  To change the number style  –  To change the style ( E.g. style=1   – right now there are 8 styles ) text – To add Pre-filled text.( E.g.  text= “To the sales …

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Style-7 – Shortcode

style-7 is not well suited to add within the content, but there is a shortcode. Please check-in test websites before adding in production sites. This vertical bar will stay to the right side of shortcode added place, with in that content block If added in a widget, with in that widget area, appear to the right …

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Predefined Style-7

Its vertical bar, with text. ( just like a feedback button ), the demo of style-7 appear right side middle of the screen. Position to change The Default position values bottom-right 10px, 10px may not looks good for sytle-7.  Change the position values to bottom-right 50%, 0px to appear in the right side middle of …

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Predefined Style-6

combination of WhatsApp logo and a text message – Chip style To change the Predefined Style for Desktop, Mobile Devices. From plugin settings (Click), Change values for “Style for Desktop”, “Style for Mobile Devices”. This plugin Detects the device based on HTTP User Agent. Select “Predefined Style-6“ Click on “Save Changes“ To Change the values …

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Facebook Pixel for Click Plugin

If Facebook Pixel is installed on your website, when the user clicks on any style it will create an event on Facebook Pixel. This plugin won’t install the Facebook Pixel. To Enable this feature, check ‘Facebook Pixel’ option at “Click” plugin settings. This plugin creates an event at Facebook Pixel. By default, this plugin creates an event with the event …

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